The Yemeni war is one of many where German imperialism takes part in open or hidden ways. Even though it does not appear in the official portrait of the Bundeswehr, the FRG does play a role in this war, in which among others the allies of the FRG (through NATO) USA, Great Britain and France take part by „logistical support“.

During and after the successful Bandh in the guerrilla zones and liberated areas of India, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, with the support of the broad masses and under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (maoist), has undertaken several actions to further develop and spread the People's War.

On the day of the armed strike, on January 31, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army carried out an action in which a truck of a construction company was lit and used as a blockade for an important main road.


Since 1979, several imperialists tried to control the Afghan People by occupation, in recent years mainly yankee-imperialism. But the Afghan Masses never surrendered before the imperialists and their lackeys and never will. In the contrary, resistance grows day by day, which can be seen in more and more actions against the occupants and collaborators. In the first month of this year they got heavy blows.

In January as well, the PLGA under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (maoist) carried out several actions to advance People's War for the New Democratic Revolution.

Earlier this month, on January 5th, members of the PLGA raided a road construction site in the Bijapur district, conducted to make the rural areas accessible to police and military forces to exacerbate the repression on People's War and the people. The comrades asked a driver of a tractor to leave the vehicle and set it on fire and summoned the workers not to serve the old Indian state.

Two weeks later two police informers, which are responsible for the arrest of a member of the Communist Party of India (maoist), were shot by the PLGA at Garurbad village in Jamui district. They also left a pamphlet, calling the people not to collaborate with the reaction and the joint operation, launched by district police and Central Reserve Police Forces came to nothing.

The Taliban (or Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan), an armed organization that acts as part of the Afghan National Resistance, issued a report on the ongoing war of resistance in that country against the imperialist occupation led by US imperialism. The report on the progress of Mujahideen (combatants) and territorial control from the end of the year, translated into English and published on the official Taliban website on 31 December, is sub-entitled The Year of Collapse of Trump’s Strategy, signed by the Commission for Cultural Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

On occasion of the current week of Martyrs of the Party and Revolution comrades of IKK published two videos commemorating two combatants of the TIKKO: Ferdi and Zilan. Both gave their live for the revolution through the People’s War led by the TKP/ML and are forever etched into the memory of the international proletariat. Both, as well as ten more combatants of the TIKKO died, when the Turkish army, gathering a massive amount of troops and special forces, attacked the region of Aliboğazı in Dersim in between the 24th and 28th of November 2016.

The Philippine Armed Forces (PAF) has been carrying out massive and offensive bombings since early December in the provinces of Eastern Misamis, Bukidnon and Southern Agusan, in the Mindanao region. The bombings threaten and reach the peasant regions where the New People's Army (NPA), led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (PCPh), is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

On December 3rd the CPI (Maoist) declared their solidarity and support with plantation workers in Nilambur. The workers who daily work their backs off on the cashew and rubber plantations are mainly tribal people. They represent the oppressed and exploited in India. They are forced, especially in the harvest season, to work countless overtime hours that are not paid. The capitalists constantly threaten to dismiss them if the workers do not bow to their will. And now they are announcing their justified protest against the exploiters, what of course must be supported by the Maoists and must be led by the Communist party into revolutionary paths.