Next Sunday, state elections will be held in North Rhine-Westphalia. The SPD and CDU candidates are neck and neck and it is uncertain who will win this election. What is certain, however, is the fact that the elections are rejected by a large part.

Election posters have been torn down from the beginning, written on with slogans, set on fire, stolen or caricatures have been conjured up from the candidates' likenesses. The removal of the election posters by the masses is an expression of the crisis of parliamentarism, this state with its elections has less and less support among the population.In all of NRW posters were destroyed, in Cologne according to the Greens 75% of the election advertising was removed, especially much advertising of the "left" party was removed in Cologne Chorweiler by the masses. Chorweiler belongs to the poorest districts in Cologne, a trend that can also be observed over all elsewhere. The poorer the people are, the less they vote and turn their backs on the revisionists and oppotunists. These people are not apolitical, but as the destruction of election posters shows, the deepest and broadest masses are politically conscious. They understand that it is not their state nor their government that represents them. Taking down the posters shows that they do not agree with this system.





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