On June 18, he 54-year-old Mohamed I. was shot dead by police in the Bremen working-class neighbourhood of Gröpelingen during his cellar clearance. Now, on Thursday, July 2, his daughter and sister-in-law, together with various groups, organized a demonstration through downtown Bremen in which about 350 people participated. The demonstration was characterized by combative speeches that referred to the death of Mohamed as what it was: a murder.


Relatives told what kind of person Mohamed was, that although he was mentally ill, he was a friendly and reserved man who was very popular with the neighbours and especially with the children. That there were never problems with him. They demanded that the murder of their father and brother-in-law be completely solved, that the police officers be held accountable for their murder and that the Bremen police finally come forward and give them information.

Throughout the entire demonstration through downtown Bremen, it was said again and again that this was not an isolated incident and that it is part of a series of murders by the police, especially against foreigners. Among other things, there was a rally in front of the SPD office, where the Bremen Senator of the Interior, Mäurer, was addressed directly and asked to give his opinion. Of course he did not show his face and so the demands were put on the front of the office.

In the slogans, which were shouted loudly and militantly, justice for Mohamed was demanded. Also the participants directed themselves with slogans like "German policemen - murderers and fascists", "No Justice, No Peace - Fight the Police" and "Everywhere Police - Nowhere Justice" against the police, who accompanied the demonstration with an surprisingly small contingent. Probably on orders from above, the pigs held back in order not to give any reason for the masses to rebel against them.

One boy summed it up again in a speech at the end when he said that so many people flee from war here to Germany and then continue to be exposed to racism and violence in a supposedly "safe" country and are not safe here.

Mohamed I. - that was murder! Resistance at every place!

Justice for Mohamed!

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