On Saturday October 17th, two rallies took place in downtown Bremerhaven. On one side stood the fascists from the “NPD” and “Die Rechte”, who demonstrated against the ban on german imperial flags and imperial war flags in the state of Bremen. On the other side a counter rally was formed with around 700 participants. In addition to an alliance that was fundamentally led by bourgeois parties, revolutionaries and progressive forces also gathered to promote a militant protest.


Anti-fascists and revolutionaries from Bremen also traveled to Bremerhaven, although the meeting point for this at Bremen Central Station was initially occupied by the cops, who then also got on the train. Arrived in Bremerhaven, a spontaneous demonstration toward the rally location at Theodor-Heuss Platz was held.


The Theodor-Heuss Platz where the fascists stood with a measly 30 men was double-fenced and completely surrounded by a large number of cops. While it was not a problem for the police that the fascists demonstrated without a protective mask and distance, they made several loudspeaker announcements to the counter demo to comply with the covid measures and the cops threatened to break up the rally. The fascist rally was secured by a huge array of cops, a considerable number of which were federal police. In the end, the fascists were allowed to carry imperial flags, even though the Bremen Senate forbade this a few weeks ago. The day before the Higher Administrative Court judged for the purpose of the NPD, which had filed an urgent action against the ban. This also reveals once again that the ban, as has so often been the case in recent months, had no legal validity and that the executive bodies simply do what they want like in a police state.


The cops also used methods of a police state. When the rally of the fascists was about to end, anti-fascists and revolutionaries gathered at the access routes to Theodor-Heuss Platz and tried to block the transport. In large numbers, the cops stood protectively in front of the fascists. When a group of anti-fascists and revolutionaries ran to block another route for the fascists to retreat, the cops began a hunt for the group. With clubs in hand they ran towards the group from different directions and tried again and again to encircle them, but they did not succeed.


In the so-called Hafenwelten, directly next to the water, there again was a clash of the anti-fascist and fascist forces, which where guarded by a huge number of pigs. Here the cops attacked the anti-fascists again and in large numbers and almost beat a young woman down the edge of the harbor. According to the police, there was one arrest and four preliminary investigations initiated, but otherwise the demo was peaceful. With that the cops are sweeping under the carpet what they did after the demo with their hunt and their fights at revolutionaries and anti-fascists. What has been shown in Bremerhaven is a confirmation of the fact that police state methods are being normalized more and more, arbitrary measures are being enforced and the police - as during the entire state of emergency - is acting aggressively without having to take responsibility for it.