After hundreds had rebelled against police harassment in Stuttgart during the night of June 21, the bourgeois news was full of horror stories about the so-called "night of riots". It was always claimed that these were apolitical riots and those responsible were sometimes claimed to be leftists and sometimes the Stuttgart party scene. The actual cause, however, was a racist police control and the extremely aggressive appearance of the cops.

As the last months showed again and again, the increasing police state measures in the FRG are being used purposefully to intensify the terror against the masses. The most affected are of course migrants and everyone who does not look "German" enough to the cops.
In total, some 100 trials are pending on the occasion of the so-called "night of riots". The district court in Stuttgart has now handed down the first two verdicts and sentenced two youths to two years and two months and two and a half years respectively, thus clearly exceeding the demands of the public prosecutor's office.
At the same time Hans-Jürgen Kirstein from the german police union is demanding even higher penalties and is furious that youths are being sentenced under the juvenile criminal law. The convicted are accused of having damaged police vehicles. While cops in Germany can murder with impunity, people go to jail for breaking the window of a police car because they refuse to accept the increasing arbitrariness and harassment.
Obviously they are trying to set an example here. The masses are to accept that the state simply imposes a state of emergency and the cops harass them. Those who do not comply will go to jail. This clearly shows the tendency of development in the FRG. With the crisis and the increasing refusal of the masses to carry on as before, the bourgeoisie is forced to take increasingly repressive measures against the people. As mentioned above, further sentences are pending, but whatever lies they tell us, the rebellion against the state of emergency and this state is justified!