In the state of Bavaria, a state of emergency has been declared for 2020/12/09, supposedly to get the Corona pandemic under control. In fact, very little is being done about it; in 31 counties and cities, people have not been allowed to leave their homes between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. since Wednesday. Even during the day, leaving your home is only possible for a "valid reason", which of course includes going to work.
From the 8th grade on, school classes are divided and go into alternating classes.

What the state of emergency actually does, however, is giving the state access to 450,000 volunteer workers, giving it more freedom of action without spending much money. This is the pathetic substitute for a broken health care system. In addition, all offices and agencies are now under the direct management of the state government. Thus, quick instructions can be given to offices, the police and the Bundeswehr, which is now also deployed in Bavaria, of course only for infection control.

In addition there is now the possibility for extreme restrictions of constitionally granted rights, the repression organs get enormous freedom of action:
- "According to the Bavarian Disaster Control Act, Article 10, the competent authority can, for example, prohibit people from entering the disaster area, expel people from there, and block or clear the area if that is necessary."
In this case, the entire country is a disaster area, so theoretically any person could simply be expelled.
- "According to Article 19 of the Bavarian Disaster Control Act, the right to physical integrity, freedom of the person, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and inviolability of the home can be restricted"
In addition, "civil protection forces" -with or without the police- may require any person "to provide services, goods, or works, and may order the taking of property."

As of today, Baden-Württemberg also has a curfew in effect for the entire state. Exceptions apply only if one can claim a "valid reason." After 8 p.m., leaving the home for meetings with friends and family is even completely prohibited. After 8 p.m., viruses are apparently particularly deadly.
The nightly exit restriction decided on the third of December had already reaped much criticism, since it is obviously completely unfit to guarantee protection against infection.
Also this further tightening means only restrictions on our private life and does not start where it would be most effective. If we are to stay at home, why do we have to go to work if we do not work in "system-relevant" professions? TUI is getting its third billion-dollar package from the federal government, but there's no thought of work absences with full wage compensation.
No, we have to continue doing our jobs, because workers who stay at home do not create any surplus value.
For us, that means going to work every morning in overcrowded public transport, standing close together with our colleagues for 8 hours, then going shopping and being isolated at home for the rest of the day. But if we'd like to have an after-work beer with the very colleagues we see all day anyway, or we just want to go for a walk alone during the evening, we receive fines
It must be clear that all this has little to do with infection control. We are supposed to pay for the fact that the government measures do nothing. We are supposed to pay so that the capitalists can keep making profits and any rebellion against this is fought in advance with the imposed state of emergency.