We want to share here a report on this year's LLL demonstration on the 10th of January, published on Tjen Folket Media at the Norwegian comrades.


Germany: Bloody Struggles against the Police at LLL-Demonstration


By a contributor for Tjen Folket Media [Serve the People Media]

The following depiction of this years LLL-demonstration is written by a contributor to TFM, who was present and participated in the demonstration. Our German comrades at Dem Volke Dienen has also published a preliminary report and announce that a more comprehensive report will come.

Russia Today is among the media that covered some of the clashes.

Every year the LLL-demonstration is arranged in Berlin, to honour the communist leaders Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Lenin. Revolutionaries participate every year in the demonstration, where also groups and organisations from the whole left-wing in Germany, as well as all kinds of revisionists and opportunists.

This year there were less demonstrators as a result of restrictions and repression, which was explained by the crisis and corona-pandemic. It will regardless be remembered for completely other reasons. It has become somewhat of a tradition that the police in Berlin attack activists that carry flags and banners that are criminalised or semi-criminalised by the old German state. For example flags belonging to the Kurdish national movement. This year they on the other hand chose to attack people that bore symbolic from the old GDR. Activists that bore blue flags with the logo of Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) received orders from the police to remove the flags. The activists refused to comply with such a ridiculous demand. From then on the struggle between the police and the demonstrators was a fact.

The police attacked with batons, fist punches, kicks and pepper spray. Maoists, revolutionaries, unorganised masses and even, many activists from revisionist organisations, defended the demonstration with fists, flagpoles and by making chains.

The clashes went on for about 40 minutes. In that time the police had advanced at least five times, with hard attacks against the demonstration, as well as carrying out random outbursts and blows against various demonstrators. The attack of the police was answered by the fighters on the square. Bourgeois media says that more than 17 policemen were injured under the clashes. All the time the slogans resounded “Long live the international solidarity!”, “Only if the masses use the gun – can it be socialism here!”, “FRG is not our state – all power to the proletariat!” as well as singing of the International.

On the hill there were crushed glasses, shoes and broken flag poles. Dozens of people were arrested. Among the demonstrators one saw beaten faces and blood, all evidence that the working class’ sons and daughters threw their own bodies in front of the reactions’ soldiers, in unselfish solidarity, with those who this time were exposed to repression from the old German state. From the clashes the demonstrators gathered and marched in the annual demonstration for our fallen leaders, for the martyrs that were murdered by the free-corps. Neither the pandemic nor the police state can stop the march of the proletariat forwards.

Tjen Folket Medias’ reporter participated in the bloc organised by revolutionaries in Germany and Turkish comrades, under the banner of Maoism. Under the slogans: “For the new international organisation of the proletariat” and “Give us an organisation of revolutionaries, and we will overturn Germany”, with red flags with hammer and sickle, and with militant slogans that wereshoutedtactfully through the whole march, the Maoist bloc was again strongly represented. And again it was an expression of the struggle to unite the international communist movement under Maoism.

This years LLL-demonstration initiated the year of struggle 2021 with a bang! In praxis it stands as an illustration of what our answer to repression is: Struggle and resistance!