In recent months and years, an increasing erosion of democratic rights can be observed in the FRG, which can be seen not least in the new police laws and currently especially in the so-called Corona measures. The current curfew and the de facto abolition of the inviolability of the home are just two of many examples. But in addition to this open reactionary approach, the state also takes a rather pragmatic unofficial approach to its own legislation.

At an event in Freiburg, Stefan Brink, the state commissioner for data protection in Baden-Württemberg, has now reconfirmed what in general can probably be described as an open secret: The bourgeois state does not abide by its own laws.
He describes the "pandemic crisis" as a data protection crisis and also gives concrete examples of this. For example, he cites the obligation for students to install certain software on their computers, which also gains access to their private data, or says that the obligation to turn on the web cam for online exams is an intrusion into the inviolability of the home. Even a formal consent of the persons concerned cannot justify this procedure because data protection cannot be circumvented even on the basis of consent.

The most important phenomenon he describes, however, is the access of police and administrative authorities to health data. A lot of data flows have been seen, but it is not allowed to access such "sensitive data". In some cases, there was "open denial of the obligation to comply with the law.

Of course, it's nice that civilian data protectionists comment on this and criticize the illegal circumvention of data protection, but this is hardly anything new for the revolutionary movement. Of course cell phones are tracked, of course homes are bugged. Even raids are carried out against the law, such as in the case against Linksunten. In some cases, left-wing activists are illegally monitored for years. And we should expect nothing less from our enemies. The state is a tool of the ruling class to enforce its rule and it is not going to restrain just because there are actually laws in place.