The actions on and around this year's Nakba Day on the 15th of May were fuelled by the intensification of the attacks on the Palestinian people. As a result of the escalating violence by the occupation troops to protect the settler-colonialists at the beginning of May and then the provocative terror in Jerusalem by the Israeli border troops, including storming the Al-Aksa mosque during prayers on the last Friday of Ramadan, Hamas issued an ultimatum to the Israeli government and then attacked with rockets.

Pretext enough for Israel to expand the war against the Palestinian people with a "counter-offensive" in which they are firing on Gaza. Thousands protested against the genocidal actions of the Netanyahu government in the FRG on the 73rd anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians due to the founding of the state of Israel.


Berlin / East Germany

Already last Sunday, during a demonstration in Berlin-Neukölln with 900 participants, cops had been attacked with stones and bottles - result: 16 injured officers, 10 arrests and preliminary proceedings. On Thursday, an Israel flag that was to be hoisted in front of the CDU headquarters was stolen. On Nakba Day there were three demonstrations in the capital, a small one in Neukölln, one with 2500 participants in Kreuzberg and a large one with more than 3500 participants in Neukölln. The police ended the latter prematurely with the pretext of protection against infection, whereupon a large part resisted, threw bottles, stones and firecrackers at the cops and engaged in extended fights. A detailed report follows.

Nakba Tag 2021 Berlin II Nakba Tag 2021 Berlin III


In Leipzig, 400 people took part in a rally in the city centre, according to police, and engaged in a number of exchanges with counter-demonstrators.

Nakba Tag 2021 Leipzig


Northern Germany

On Thursday, as reported, a rally had taken place on the Domshof square in Bremen with, according to police reports, 1500 people, which the cops - allegedly after consultation with the organiser - broke up on the pretext of protecting against infection. Likewise in Hamburg-Ottensen, where they spoke of a "highly emotionalised" mood with 400 to 500 participants.

Nakba Tag 2021 Bremen

In Hanover, hundreds of people gathered on Nakba Day and the Wednesday before, and here too the police dispersed the latter with the pretext of protection against infection. There were also actions in other places in Lower Saxony such as Göttingen and Osnabrück with high three-digit numbers of participants.

Nakba Tag 2021 Hannover


North Rhine-Westphalia / Hesse

On the Heumarkt in Cologne, about 800 people demonstrated with signs such as "Stop the Genocide" or "Against Zionists - not against Jews". When the demonstration was broken up with the pretext of protection against infection, several hundred participants refused to leave the place; as a result, there were several spontaneous gatherings and car parades in the city centre.ä

Nakba Tag 2021 Köln

In Aachen 500 people demonstrated, in Bielefeld 200, in Bochum an estimated total of 1500 people gathered at two demonstrations. In Düsseldorf and Solingen, Israel flags attached to the town halls were burned. The police even started an investigation for a graffiti "Free Palestine" that appeared on a tunnel at the Solingen central station. In Gelsenkirchen, a spontaneous demonstration was already held on Wednesday with 180 participants.

The largest demonstration in the West took place in Frankfurt, where 2500 people took to the streets for a free Palestine. The demo was also broken up prematurely because of infection control and because the cops were being pelted with lighters.

Nakba Tag 2021 Frankfurt


Baden-Wuerttemberg / Bavaria

In Stuttgart, on Nakba Day, there were clashes with the cops and counter-demonstrators at a rally that far exceeded the registered number of 50 participants. At 600 people at a rally in Freiburg, the police spoke of a " heatened atmosphere". Also on Nakba Day, the cops in Mannheim broke up a rally with 500 people - the usual pretext: protection against infection - and were then pelted with stones, four were injured. In Munich 600 people demonstrated on Friday, in Nuremberg 250 on Saturday.

Nakba Tag 2021 Stuttgart Nakba Tag 2021 München



The German bourgeois press is almost energetic in identifying "anti-Semitism" in all possible actions for Palestine and criminalising the demonstrators with sometimes the vilest chauvinism ("parallel society of Arab origin in Neukölln"). Furthermore, it is of course to be noted that on an utmost combative Nakba Day with a number of militant actions, the police make more and more consistent use of their right to break up all gatherings they want with the pretext of protection against infection.