June 18 was the second anniversary of the murder of the worker Adel B. from Essen. Adel had German-Algerian roots and lived with his then fiancée and their children in Essen-Altendorf. To commemorate him, an alliance of revolutionary forces organized a demonstration in Essen-Altendorf on June 19, the Day of Heroism. A contingent of proletarian revolutionaries joined the demonstration. They remembered the struggle and the sacrifice of the combatants of the Communist Party of Peru in the prisons Callo, El Fronton, Lurigancho with a high banner with the slogan "Glory to the Day of Heroism - Those murdered by the reaction live on in the struggle". As well as all the other people murdered by the reaction.

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The demonstration, with nearly 100 participants and a militant expression, moved from Ehrenzeller Square through the main street of the neighborhood to the home of the murdered Adel B. and back. Arriving at the house, the demonstration held a minute of silence for Adel and all others murdered by the reaction. With slogans like "Adel B. that was murder - cops out of Altendorf!" or "The true face of your democracy - mass murderers that's you!" the reactionary character of the state was denounced again and again. Residents watched from their windows and showed solidarity with the demonstration. Passers-by on the main street in the neighborhood joined the demonstration briefly every now and then. In the heart of the neighborhood in an open space on the main street, many speeches were held. Among others, the family of the murdered condemned the police action against their son anddenounced the repression against political activists.

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In addition to speeches, live music was played at the demonstration. Thus, the well-known rapper S. Castro performed live. On the way to Adel's residence, the demonstration passed a Kurdish folk band, which stood on the roadside to support the demonstration.

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In another speech, reference was made to the Day of Heroism. The struggle of the combatants of the Communist Party of Peru in the prisons of the reaction was held up and the sacrifices they made were remembered. They fought with the most primitive means against a highly armed enemy. The revolutionary prisoners of war were able to conquer the prisons and only by the most brutal means could the uprising be put down. In the speech this was also emphasized to a high degree, since the reaction not only in Peru, but also as the case of Adel shows also in the FRG even if in clearly weakened form to the weapon seizes and the masses with force of arms to silence brings.

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The cops have tried with reference to special laws for the protection of public order and police officers not to let the demonstration run and tightened the conditions. They threatened to arrest demonstrators under the pretext of the ban on masking, if they wear sunglasses in addition to the mouth-nose protection. The conditions and the actions of the cops were consistently denounced by the demo leadership, thus putting the cops on the defensive. Cops were present with a high police contingent, which was supposed to build a scare scenario. When the demonstration was broken up and slowly dispersed, the cops sensed their chance and began to control demo participants. This action was decisively denounced and the demonstration regrouped to answer the attacks of the state. With kicks, punches, batons and police dogs, the cops tried to prevent the demonstration from forming completely. The attack the cops took place main traffic junction of Altendorf and also there the masses have held to the demonstration and expressed their hatred for the state. The most determined parts of the demonstration nevertheless confronted the cops and accepted the injuries and thus repulsed the attack. With this cowardly attack, the cops confirm the rightness and the justified character of the demonstration. The cops, as part of the armed forces of the state, are responsible for enforcing the class interests of the bourgeoisie and they do this with all force if necessary.


In the run-up to the demonstration there was a series of actions to which we want to draw attention here:

Again and again, there were various mobilization activities in the run-up to the demonstration, such as a rally at Ehrenzeller Platz or large-scale poster campaigns.

- In the night to 19.06. unknown in Essen-Altendorf have Adel's likeness large-scale with the slogan "Adel B. murdered by the police on 18.06.2019" attached. In the following we want to publish a few pictures that were sent to us.

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