As early as June 2021, a tank with the inscription "Polizei" was spotted on Hanover's streets. Although an attentive passer-by took a photo of the "Enok" vehicle, there was no real answer from the Ministry of the Interior, except that it was a "specially protected offensive vehicle especially for urban areas", which had been acquired for special operations and belonged to Lower Saxony's Special Operations Command. Everything else is classified, top secret.

Last year, the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior had already purchased two similar vehicles, officially declared as "anti-terror all-terrain vehicles", officially because of the attack in Munich at that time.

In Lower Saxony, the purchase is justified in more detail, namely with the "steadily increasing number of situations in which police forces have to act against armed and dangerous perpetrators of violence (e.g. in politically and/or right-wing motivated murders, terrorist attacks or rampage attacks)". With reference to police statistics that would support this statement - which unfortunately it does not.

So it is another step in the militarisation of society by the bourgeoisie. While all kinds of uniformed federal soldiers with heavy equipment are currently driving around in the flood zones in the FRG, one more tank apparently doesn't attract attention either, or so they hope. But the masses are supposed to get used to the big, heavy vehicles that are otherwise only known from war zones, because the bourgeoisie has already learned that its rule is no longer accepted without further ado.