On march 6 this year, the 19-year-old Qosay Sadam Khalaf died in Delmenhorst after being detained by the police. The public persecutor has now declined the complaints of family and friends after the investigation of the (still unclear) cause of death.

One day before his death, Quosay was controlled by two incognito policemen alongside another young man. The police claim that they were doing drugs.

The way the police portrays the situation, Qosam allgedly tried to evade the police-control by fleeing and, when this failed punched a police-man. The police then used pepper-spray against him and detained him with the help of another police-vehicle.

Despite the use of force against Qosay, the police claim that he denied medical help. The second man detained by the police, however, says that the medics accused the 19-year-old of putting on a show. In a police-cell in Oldenburg he collapsed later on and died the day after that in a hospital. Zynically, the police speak of a „tragic accident“ as if they didn‘t have anything to do with his death.

Friends and family of Qosay furthermore suspect that he was beaten by the cops. This suspicion does not arise out of thin air but is based on experiences of other youths who report how they were detained and mistreated at the police-station. There are many such reports. Relatives and friends of the deceased thus had an independant obduction be conducted and sued the cops involved.

These investigations were stopped by now. The reason for this is supposedly that no outside interference could be found. Now the public persecutors office has decided that the veto of friends and family against the stop of investigation will not be granted – even though the cause of death still has not been defined forensically.