Once again the commemorative demonstration of the great fighter and teacher of the proletariat Friedrich Engels was attacked by the cops.


Engelsdemo Angriff 2021

The Engelsdemonstration in Wuppertal which takes place on the occasion of his birthday and death anniversary twice a year in Wuppertal was repeatedly attacked. Just as in November 2020, the police attacked the demonstrators at the starting point of the demonstration and this time also prevented them from walking. The brutal attack was justified with alleged masks. Demonstration participants who wore masks and a hood were asked to give up their personal data. A total of 15 demonstrators were injured and several personal details were taken.

This attack is part of a growing chain of attacks against the revolutionary movement. Earlier this year, the LLL memorial demonstration was attacked, and for two months ago in June, the anti-capitalist-internationalist bloc at the "Stop Assembly Law" demonstration was attacked. These attacks are an expression of the state becoming more and more reactionary. The bourgeoisie can no longer rule the way it wants to, for this reason it tries to stifle the growing discontent with violence. The attack is an anticipation of the reactionary law of assembly which should facilitate and legitimize such attacks. We express our full solidarity with those attacked by the police and we stand with them. The goal of the cops to stop the Engels commemoration has been achieved this time, but the attacks will only push the determination of the revolutionaries further.