On October 13, the two antifascists Jo and Dy were sentenced to five years and six months and four years and six months in prison, respectively. Dy had been in pre-trial detention for virtually a year before that.

 On May 16, 2020, three reactionaries from the pseudo-union "Zentrum Automobil" were attacked in Stuttgart in the run-up to a "Querdenker" demo. As a result, the state decided to make a real witch hunt on antifascists to make an example against "violent left-wing extremism". There were several house searches, also at persons homes, where the police knew exactly that they were not in Stuttgart at the time of the attack.

The verdict against both was reached only on the basis of circumstantial evidence, which is apparently sufficient for the prosecution if the defendants are leftists.

The plaintiffs came to court partly with brass knuckles, the main plaintiff was represented in court by the Freiburg fascist lawyer Dubravko Mandic, who himself has already attacked antifas. At a rally, "Center Automobile" stood in the middle of a right-wing soup of AfD ("Alternative for Germany"), NPD ("Nationaldemocratic Party of Germany"), IB("Identitarian Movement"), and III. Weg ("The third Way"). It corresponds to the assessment of the campaign "Antifaschimus bleibt notendig!" that this further tore down the mask of "Zentrum Automobil" as a peaceful union and revealed as a right-wing "mass work".

Last weekend, on the occasion of the condemnation, a demonstration was organized in Stuttgart under the slogan "Defend left-wing politics- Freedom for all antifas!", in which about 600 people participated. Large parts of the demo marched in organized rows and actions were repeatedly carried out from within the demonstration. In addition to the ignition of pyrotechnics, among other things, the central police station and vehicles of the cops were attacked. During the demo, different greetings were read out. These came, among others, from the Soli-Bündnis on the Antifa-Ost trial and from the Roter Aufbau, against which a 129a trial is currently underway.

In their report, the alliance "Antifascism remains necessary" makes the assessment that the intensified repression of the last year is an expression of increasing reactionarization, which is also expressed, for example, in new police laws. They also call for support for the imprisoned comrades and to maintain solidarity work.