The outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the German government's course of rearmament are pleasing one person in particular: the arms industry. As the fourth largest arms exporter, the FRG is at the top of the war business and has a lot to offer. In 2021, more than ever was earned with German weapons. Now, with the new war and the lavish upgrades the German state wants to make to its armed forces, the arms industry's profits are likely to grow even more.

The arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has seen a mighty high in its share price since 24 February. As of 01 March 2022, the share price has risen by 42.3 per cent. This is the highest share value the group has recorded in 10 years. At the same time, Rheinmetall also brought itself into play for the rearmament plans of the FRG. Thus Rheinmetall boss Armin Papperger offered: "We have currently drawn up lists for the ministry of what would be available at short notice. We as Rheinmetall could deliver equipment worth 42 billion euros in a short time." In addition, he said, logistic vehicles could be delivered within twelve months, wheeled vehicles within 18 months and tracked vehicles within 24 months.

The cynicism behind the business of war is hard to beat. While the blood of the Ukrainian people is being spilt, now exposed to this imperialist war, others are making plans on how to make as much profit as possible from the war. This system, imperialism, is sick and belongs to be finally smashed by the oppressed and banished to history.