Earlier this week, the German government announced plans to equip the Bundeswehr with 35 F-35 fighter jets. The F-35 is the most modern fighter jet in the world and probably the most powerful weapon currently existing on this planet. The fighter jets are expected to cost a good 4 billion euros. Above all, however, the F-35 is interesting because, as a so-called multi-role fighter jet, it is versatile. It can carry different weapon systems and is also capable of firing nuclear weapons.

Yet the German imperialists are not even allowed to possess nuclear weapons, let alone use them. This ban goes back to the "Two-Plus-Four-Treaty", which was signed in Moscow in September 1990 by the victorious powers of the Second World War, the USA, Great Britain, France and the social-imperialist Soviet Union. This "Two-Plus-Four-Treaty" regulated the annexation of the GDR by the FRG on an international level, which was called "reunification". The German imperialist rivals' plan was to weaken German imperialism militarily and to prevent German imperialism from regaining its former strength. Thus, several points were stipulated in the treaty, including the following: "The Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the German Democratic Republic reaffirm their renunciation of the production and possession of, and power of disposal over, atomic, biological and chemical weapons. They declare that the united Germany will also abide by these obligations. In particular, the rights and obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 1 July 1968 shall continue to apply to the united Germany." Means without question and unequivocally that German imperialism may not manufacture, possess or otherwise dispose of nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the German government is pursuing the plan to be able to use nuclear weapons without officially breaking the treaty. This is because the so-called US deterrence concept provides that NATO allies have a right to share in US nuclear weapons if certain conditions are met. The coalition agreement of the coalition government states: "We will accompany the procurement and certification process with regard to Germany's nuclear participation objectively and conscientiously." The core condition is to meet NATO's so-called 2-percent target. This means that two per cent of Germany's gross domestic product (GDP) must be spent on armaments. The German government has also laid down this goal in the coalition agreement, saying: "We want Germany to invest three per cent of its GDP in international action in the long term in the sense of a networked and inclusive approach, thus strengthening its diplomacy and development policy and fulfilling the commitments it has made in NATO." Back in January, for example, the Federal Ministry of Defence announced that the Bundeswehr was seeking to upgrade its air fleet in order to secure nuclear participation. At that time, however, it was the cheaper option of F-18 fighter jets. The war in Ukraine is a perfect opportunity for the German imperialists to push these things through now. The large special fund of 100 billion euros, as well as the general increase of the defence budget to more than 2 per cent, also make it possible to buy the more expensive and better F-35 fighter jet.

So the German imperialists are trying to cheat themselves out of being able to use nuclear weapons and at the same time buy the weapons they need for this. They propagate a so-called turn of the times, which is supposed to justify everything today and puts every agreement and every treaty in the shade. Their war propaganda shows their reactionary character, their bloodthirsty nature and their diabolical cynicism. When they tell us that it is for our protection and in our interest, they are lying. Their wars are not our wars and the weapons in the hands of the imperialists are always in the hands of the wrong one. This means that we should condemn and fight their armament and murderous plans. No man, no woman, no son and daughter, no brother and sister should go to war for the imperialists. Not a penny, not a single penny should go to their murderous army.