A new study by the Hans Böckler Foundation published last week confirms the city of Bremerhaven as a stronghold of poverty. The study measures the average per capita income in all independent cities and districts in the FRG. There are 401 of them in total, Bremerhaven lands in 398th place. With an annual income of about 18,500 euros per capita, Bremerhaven comes off among the worst.

So while people in Bremerhaven earn an average of 18,500 euros a year, the picture is quite different in other districts. Especially in the south of the Federal Republic, people's incomes are higher. The front-runner is Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, where the average income is over 42,000 euros. The national average is 23,706 euros.

In the study, it should be borne in mind that the figures now published are from 2019, before the Corona pandemic and the state of emergency with all its attacks on the working class.