Reports of racial profiling, migrants being racially insulted and beaten up by the cops and in some cases even murdered, all this is unfortunately not uncommon. Even if the government often tries to present it differently, racist police violence is everyday life in Germany.

Especially with the Freiburg police, various scandals come to public attention again and again. A well-known example are the events of last summer, when two policemen in their spare time with their friends chased a migrant, while shouting “foreigners out”.
At that time, the case came to the public and triggered outrage on the Internet andprotest and resistance in the streets.
All too often, these cases do not come to the public and if they do, they usually do not generate much attention, because the major media such as the Badische Zeitung avoid writing about such topics.

A few weeks ago there was another report of racist police arbitrariness on the part of the Freiburg police. On 22.04 a video was uploaded on the Youtube channel "AFIFY WAS HERE", in which the operator of the channel reports how he was arrested by the Freiburg police without reason and his cell phone was confiscated.

Afify reports how he walked through Stühlinger in the evening at 19:00 and at Lederleplatz saw a black man filming two police officers with his cell phone and shouting that they are rasissts and chasing him for no reason. Shortly after, the cops escalated the situation and arrested the man in a brutal way.
He recounts how a cop put his knee in the black man's neck and compares it to the George Floyd case. After a policeman then began to hit the man fixed on the ground several times, he told the two policemen that they must not do that and asks the injured man if he is okay. When the man then asked him to take his cell phone and walk away with it, he did so, seeing it as the only way to protect the injured man's rights from the police.

Thereupon one of the two policemen ran after him and pushed him to the ground without warning. The cop began aggressively yelling at him to give him the cell phone and when Afify told him to calm down and keep his distance, the cop punched him in the chest. At this point, the cop's bodycam was turned off.
Shortly after, four more cops arrived and surrounded Afify, who was sitting on the ground, and without warning, tackled him, put their knee in his neck, twisted his arms, and handcuffed him.

He goes on to tell how the cops took him to the police station and how they unlocked his cell phone there, against his will, through his face scanner, and all the while denied him contacting a lawyer. When he told the policeman who pushed him to the ground that he hit him for no reason, the policeman replied, in the presence of his colleagues, "Yes, I hate you!" Of course, afterwards the cops claimed that Afify had also hit them.

After several hours, the cops threw him out of the police station, but without giving him back his ID card and phone. Presumably they thought he had filmed the cops beating up the black man lying on the ground and wanted, as they always do, to get rid of the evidence of their crimes.
Two days later, while driving in the city, he is stopped by a plainclothes police officer who shows him that he has his ID card and mobile phone in his car and asks him to unlock his phone.
Afify refuses and insists that the cops have no right to look into his phone.
It is not until two weeks later that he gets his phone back. His lawyer, who contacted the police two days after his arrest and demanded the phone be returned, received no response from the police.

What Afify concludes in his video is correct. The cops treated him that way because he looked Arab and didn't speak German. They treated him the way they treat all such people, simply because they can and because they are sure they can get away with it.
But he also expresses surprise several times that something like this can happen in a country like Germany, and he says that he thought there was democracy and laws here.
But democracy in this state is democracy for the rulers and the laws in this state are the laws of the rulers.
What Afify experienced then is not surprising because it happens every day.
The cops can just do whatever they want and they don't have to fear any consequences for their actions.
The job of the police is to protect the rich and oppress the people. They are not a friend and not a helper!