For years now, people have been made to believe that inflation is the result of events outside the economy. The price increases are to be accepted as consequence of "Corona crisis" and "Ukraine crisis".
That the price increases must be and rising production costs should burden the consumers and not the profits of the corporations is taken for granted everywhere anyway.
A bourgeois magazine has somewhat broken away from this mantra of untruth and has revealed, using cooking oil and diesel as examples, that rising prices are primarily profit maximization. The price increases for edible oil were 270% in the most brazen cases, while the world market price rose "only" by 62% in the same period. In the case of diesel, too, it can be traced that diesel prices have risen when crude oil prices have risen, but prices have not been withdrawn when this trend has been downward.
These are only two examples of many that show that the additional costs for many goods of daily use go mainly into the pockets of the monopolies. And the rulers in this country, represented here by Finance Minister Lindner, have no interest whatsoever in putting a stop to this. According to him, there are not even figures about the profits of the corporations, which is why one can not do - what I do not want to see, does not exist. The overproduction crisis of imperialism is diverted as a crisis for the masses.