On July 9, on the occasion of the Day of Action for the People's War in India, a rally was held in front of the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt. "Rebellion Ruhr" had called for this rally and some other internationalist forces had also mobilized for this occasion.

Besides revolutionaries from the FRG, the comrades of Partizan also participated with a larger contingent. At the rally, leaflets with the call by CI-IC were distributed and Klassenstandpunkt and Rote Post were sold.



In the speeches, the comrades upheld the justified struggle of the Indian people and denounced the genocidal policies that the Indian state, led by the reactionary Narendra Modi, is developing against the communists and masses. The condemnation of the repeated military campaigns such as Operation Green Hunt, SAMADHAN and Prahaar-3 was expressed in particular and attention was drawn to the situation of political prisoners.


The rubber paragraph "Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act", which serves as a basis for imprisoning people in India by the thousands, plays an important role in the context of the struggle that the state is unleashing against the revolution. It is used to imprison people on the basis of their revolutionary convictions without having to prove that they have committed a crime. This is also the approach taken with political prisoners Professor G.N. Saibaba and Varavara Rao. They are in prison because they are revolutionaries and stand firmly on the side of the people. Without a trial, Professor Saibaba is to spend the rest of his life in prison, slowly being tortured to death. Due to his illness, he is already confined to a wheelchair. In prison now, he does not even get the most basic medical care given his situation and so the Indian reaction has planned to let him die slowly.


The last speech called for not expecting the goodwill of reaction. Instead, to stand in solidarity with the revolutionary prisoners, is to develop the struggle and fight for the world proletarian revolution and the launching of more People's Wars.
The internationalist spirit of the rally was also expressed in slogans. Participants shouted " Up international solidarity!", "Long live the people's war in India!" and repeatedly demanded freedom for Professor Saibaba, Varavara Rao and other political prisoners.