If Instagram was not a so-called "social medium" some time ago, on which mainly young people shared their experiences and influencers earned their money, state institutions have now also discovered it for themselves. The police in particular not only share official news on various channels, but also - apparently - give authentic insights into the lives of policemen and policewomen.

They present themselves as "completely normal", share professional and seemingly private matters and thus try to dispel the justified mistrust in the bourgeois state and its organs of repression. The Hanover police wanted to do this, to present itself publicly as a "friend and helper" from next door and chose the young policewoman Anna J. The young and pretty policewoman was a dog handler at the time, also liked to share photos with her dogs and was one of the numerous "Insta Cops". And with success: around 8,5000 people followed her. If there hadn't been a small stain on her white waistcoat found by the "Recherche Kollektiv Ostwestfahlen". As was published by this collective at the beginning of the month, Anna J. is dating a known neo-Nazi. The Hanover police reacted with surprise and transferred the policewoman to internal duty and also blocked her account. It is not known whether the policewoman is a fascist herself, but her relationship at least speaks for a great tolerance towards fascist ideas.
Now, one could think that this is a regrettable individual case, which joins the whole series of regrettable individual cases of neo-Nazis in the ranks of the police and the Bundeswehr. But that was not enough, because the surprised reaction of the Hanover police was followed by further revelations, namely that already at the beginning of August 2021 the Ministry of the Interior had received indications that the young policewoman might have a relationship with a known fascist. So the fact that no one knew about it turns out to be a bold-faced lie. But at the time, the Ministry of the Interior did not care. Only now that there is more publicity about the case, they are trying to talk their way out of it and do damage limitation. But Anna J. is not an isolated case. Time and again, even entire networks and organisations of fascists within the police and the Bundeswehr are uncovered, which supposedly nobody knew about. This shows quite clearly that the German bourgeoisie has no interest in really fighting these people, no matter who is in government. It also openly shows how reaction and reactionaries try to spread their ideas with the help of the new media, showing their best and most "normal" side as the wolf in sheep's clothing, so that as many people as possible, especially the young, can identify with them.