Here we document a call for a manifestation in Berlin Hohenschönhausen, which was sent to us.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Against passing on the costs of war and crisis to the working class!

Capitalism in its imperialist stage can bring no stability, no progress, no prosperity to the working masses. Hardly was this clearer than in these days. But when it comes to naming the reasons, politics and media become more silent. For, as is so often the case, imperialism is in a crisis of overproduction, a state of affairs that repeats itself again and again. During the so-called "Corona Crisis" we were supposed to be protected by fundamental rights restrictions, while at the same time we were supposed to go on working - earning other people's money. Since the pandemic has run its course, at least in the imperialist countries, the rulers use the war in Ukraine to justify that we should bear the costs of inflation. So, the price increases are to be accepted as a consequence of the "Corona crisis" and the war of aggression of Russian imperialism against Ukraine. And in the same way that the rising costs of production are to be passed on to the consumer instead of burdening the profits of the corporations. To illustrate: in the FRG, the general inflation rate in June was 7.6%, whereas in the previous year it was 2.3%. For foodstuffs, an increase of as much as 12.7% was recorded in the same month. In addition, the price increases of many products are far higher than the increased costs on the world market. While oil companies make record profits, the masses face the real problem of not being able to finance their lives. These are the excesses of this perverse economic system based on exploitation, competition and excessive enrichment.

While it is said that there is no money to take effective measures to limit prices or to provide financial means to support the masses, the German state continues to arm the Bundeswehr with 100 billion euros in special payments. This is to create the basis so that the rulers can be even more aggressive in the worldwide scramble of the imperialists for markets, resources and power. Thus the German army becomes the third highest financed imperialist army worldwide. Costs, which are made by it, are imposed on us. Measures, which would bring relief to the people, like electricity cost assumption or free local traffic are blocked by the ruling ones.Minister of Finance Lindner even dared to criticize the 9-euro ticket for "free mentality" among the population. They want to pass the crisis on to us, only we can defend ourselves against that. We must unite, with our neighbors in the neighborhoods, colleagues at work and all those who have the same struggle to fight! We must support all strikes for wage increases that must follow! Whether in our own workplaces, as well as others!

Inflation affects us all. Therefore, let's also all show that we reject this policy in the service of the corporations. Let's organize under the red flag of the labor movement, which has always fought against attacks on the interests of the masses.

For free mass transit, abolition of the value added tax (VAT) and
Assumption of the cost of electricity!
Not one man and not one cent for the Bundeswehr!
A united working class will be invincible!

Manifastation : September 10, 2022, 1:00 p.m.
In front of the RiZ (Ribnitzer Str. 26), Berlin Hohenschönhausen

internationalist collective Berlin
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