On the 30th of August and before, actions were carried out in Bremen for the International Day of the Detained-Disappeared, in the light of the call of the Current of the People - Red Sun, Mexico, and the campaign #DrSernasPresentaciónConVida. The Mexican comrades' statement, calling on this day around the world to present comrade Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive, was distributed, and many of the passers-by expressed their solidarity with the revolutionary and democratic forces in Mexico, as well as their disgust and condemnation of the genocidal policies of the old Mexican state.

The leafleting took place in the immediate neighbourhood of a hospital owned by Gesundheit Nord (GeNo), which, as described in the Red Post article published here in advance, is "importing" more and more care workers from the Third World, especially from Latin America, to Germany in order to let them work here under worse conditions under hypocritical justifications, "because of language skills". The article was distributed partly with the leaflet and was received enthusiastically by people, with several care workers confirming the situation and expressing their displeasure with the German health system. A Mexican nurse from Monterrey described the process of how German companies "recruit" in Mexico, it is "made easy" to come to Germany, and then, in the heart of the beast, imperialist exploitation strikes. In the process, the qualified care workers from Mexico were entrusted with the tasks and responsibilities of a normal care worker at work, although they are only employed as auxiliary workers "because of the language skills":

"From the beginning, they let us do everything, even administering intravenous medication. I was unsure because of the language, but they said: never mind, do it, you can do it. The staff shortage is too big, the work overload is too big."

So they were told to do the same work and were paid a much lower wage for it. The migrant care workers are fighting back against this heinous exploitation:

"Many obstacles are put in our way. We said to our colleagues, don't do more work than you are 'entitled' to."

As a result, people successfully refused to do the tasks of a care worker when they were only employed as an assistant, and insisted on doing the tasks of an assistant as long as they were not given credit for their qualifications. As a result of the miserable treatment in Germany, however, some would have already planned to return home or have already done so - while German imperialism already has hundreds of new foreign care workers in its sights.

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