In recent weeks, there has been repeated discussion of actions by the "Last Generation." They use actions of civil disobedience to appeal to politicians to take care of the fulfillment of the climate goals.

The political objective of the protests is as misguided as the forms of action themselves. Instead of aiming to mobilize the masses against the government's policies, they appeal to the morals of the rulers. Accordingly, it is not important to win the sympathy of the masses, and instead of big companies or politicians, the primary sufferers are workers who, for example, are stuck in a traffic jam on their way home from work because a few petty bourgeois have once again glued themselves to an intersection. Actions in which tomato soup is thrown at works of art may also get publicity, but contrary to what some claim, not all attention is necessarily good.

These protests are therefore a phenomenon that, with its doomsday visions and hatred against the masses, meets with rejection from at least a large part of the population and is not even remotely dangerous to those actually responsible. Nevertheless, this is a consequence of the intensification of contradictions in the FRG and illustrates the crisis of parliamentarism, which is increasingly less able to mobilize the masses. This is also evident in the completely hysterical debate on this issue. For example, Alexander Dobrindt of the CSU invoked the "climate RAF" comparison. And the Hessian Minister of Justice Poseck (CDU) considers it possible to punish the members of the "Last Generation" as terrorists under certain circumstances. One could think that one had missed something in the last weeks and should deal more with this movement. But no, the "Last Generation" has neither started to kidnap politicians nor to carry out assaults against RWE. On the contrary, their spokeswoman Carla Rochel referred positively to the German constitution at Markus Lanz and demanded for the end of the protests only the return of the 9-Euro-ticket and a speed limit of 100km/h on German highways. Even Lanz commented on this as ridiculous.

How idiotic an RAF comparison is in light of this seems obvious. But if already a petty-bourgeois doomsday cult is treated as a quasi-terrorist organization, we can imagine how in perspective revolutionaries and progressive mass movements will be dealt with.

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