The 25th of November - the international day against violence against women - was celebrated in Hamburg with an evening demonstration that went through Hamburg St. Pauli. Many, especially young women and men, took part in the demonstration, which went through the neighbourhood that stands for violence against women like hardly any other in the FRG, and loudly took the protest to the streets.

HH 25 Nov 2022 1

The Red Women's Committee Hamburg also took part in the demonstration and marched under the slogan "For a revolutionary women's movement!". This was accompanied by speeches delivered through a megaphone. For example, the women comrades mainly made the point that patriarchy does not simply spring from false ideas, but has its roots in private property. The women comrades stressed that it is not enough to fight against wrong patriarchal ideas, but private property and the whole imperialist system must be smashed. To this end, the Red Women's Committee stressed that we must not fight for a so-called women's liberation, but for the liberation of the entire working class, that is, for communism.

During the demonstration, two banners were also displayed with the slogan "Against the imperialist war! For a revolutionary women's movement!", which was greeted with cheers by the demo participants.

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The demonstration shows that the anger against patriarchy and imperialism is growing and that there is a great potential for a revolutionary women's movement. However, it is important not to isolate the struggle against patriarchy, but to put it in the service of the struggle for proletarian revolution. At this moment, this means above all fighting for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany and creating proletarian women leaders who are ready and able to lead the struggle against the imperialist system and sweep it away.