There is still no end in sight to the wage dispute at Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs GmBH (SWEG), which has been ongoing since August. Repeated work stoppages have made it very difficult to plan trips in Baden-Württemberg.
The reason for the strikes is SWEG's refusal to pay its employees according to the federal wage agreement to which all railroad workers are entitled.

Essentially, the GDL is demanding:
    - a one-time payment of 3,000 euros for all its members,
    - more pay,
- more bonuses,
    - better vacation and working time regulations with more additional leave, alternative rest days and elective models,
    - personal planning security and
    - access to the joint institution FairnessBahNEn e.V. and thus entitlement to social benefits such as education and glasses subsidies.
SWEG has so far only agreed to conclude such a contract for its subsidiary SWEG Bahn Stuttgart GmbH (SBS), thus trying to split its staff. The trade unionists reject this lazy compromise and last went on strike on December 19. Now they are taking a break from the strike until Dec. 23 and are demanding that SWEG agree to negotiate their demands by then. So if there are any train cancellations in Baden-Württemberg over Christmas, SWEG will be solely to blame, refusing to pay its employees the wages they are entitled to.

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