The bourgeois media keep chanting about the untenable conditions in Bremen's youth welfare offices. The staff complain about the massive workload and fear serious consequences. Seventeen years ago, the conditions led to a child being found beaten to death and repeatedly abused in a refrigerator in a working-class area of Bremen - Gröpelingen - because the cops and authorities kept looking away (Kevin case).

The horror could be read all over Germany in the bourgeois media. The staff at the office think it is possible that such an incident will happen again. They are still working themselves to death and cannot do a good job under the current conditions. Once again, they are not being heard, but the burden is being dumped on their shoulders. A bourgeois media quotes the head of youth welfare who, of course, rules out a repetition of such a dramatic case as Kevin's. Meanwhile, the authority workers continue to cry out, trying to make the social senator aware of the grievances. What happened afterwards? Bremen's Bürgerschaft met and only supported the staff's demands with hollow phrases. Of course, the bourgeois parties used the opportunity to degrade themselves among themselves and thus once again pushed the workers' demands into the background. And here again it shows: The state is prepared to spend billions on armament and militarisation, but when it comes to protecting the life and limb of our children, there is allegedly no money available. A real relief is not to be expected. Staff is to be increased. But what good is that to the staff on the ground if the workplace has a bad reputation anyway and the conditions do not fundamentally change? The staff of the authorities have to continue to absorb the unmanageable work and are thus made sick and broken by the system. Children who often come from working class neighbourhoods and are not paid attention to in the system. A labour struggle must be waged on the spot, which also needs support from the people! Because the bourgeois state does not protect our children. In this system, the Youth Welfare Office is not an institution that serves the working class, but is still a state agency of the bourgeoisie. Therefore, this authority must also be swept away together with the bourgeois state. The proletariat will solve this matter in its own way in due course: We fight for a social child education that prevents child abuse!

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