On May 10, the Red League held an informational event in Essen's North Quarter, as part of a series of events in various cities and states. In this context, a lecture was held, which went into the foundation of the Red League, how it understands itself and what role the Red League plays in the current development of the class struggle in the FRG. Accompanied by pictures and video material, some activities of the last years were presented, which were carried out by the different nationwide forces from which the Red Federation emerged from – also with special regard to the different activities which took place in Essen itself. That way, the participants of the event could get a good idea of the daily political work, which the Red League is doing and which it will continue doing in the future.

Roter Bund Veranstaltung Essen 1

Looking at the international panorama, the foundation of the International Communist League was also examined in more detail. Special attention was given to the activities of the communists in Latin America, who, living in the storm centers of the World Proletarian Revolution, take up a leading role. At the end, questions were answered and some points, such as the question of trade unions in the current labor struggles, were discussed in more detail, also with a view to France. Afterwards, there was further conversation over cake and some drinks and some questions were further discussed.. On an information table the last three issues of the Klassenstandpunkt (Class Standpoint) as well as selected last issues of the Red Post could be purchased, the founding declaration of the Red League and the May 1st declaration of the International Communist League were also on display.

Roter Bund Veranstaltung Essen 2

The comrades of the Red League have again informed us about the upcoming dates of the event series, which we would like to once again share with our readers here:

Freiburg: May 14 | 17:00 | Haus des Engagements | Rehlingstraße 9 (inner courtyard).

Hamburg: May 15 | 19:00 | Café Knallhart | Von-Melle-Park 9

Nuremberg: May 21 | 15:00 | Villa Leon | Philip Koerber Weg 1