Here we publish a translation of the speech of the Collective Red Hamburg on the Mayday demonstration in Hamburg in 2016, which was send to us:

Proletarians of all countries, untie!




Today is Mayday. This struggling and celebration day is carried out by our class in every country on all continents.

Here in Hamburg the internationalist block expresses this. It is a manifestation of the struggle down vs up.

Here we have raised the common flag of antiimperialist struggle. Here the flags of struggling organizations from all over the world are waving.

Today’s world is evermore stormy. Unrest, chaos and wars of every kind in ever lager scale dominating the agenda. But only from great chaos a great order is rising.



One of the today’s upcoming storms to sweep away imperialism from the face of the earth is developing in Brazil.

The barbarity of the old Brazilian state against the masses is enormous. Reaction slaughters the people. They hunt people from helicopters like animals. They invade the slums of the cities with their army.

Just one week ago reaction, the armed gangs of the landlords, has murdered the two brothers Nivaldo and Jesser, who had squatted land in the region 10th may with their families.

The reactionary terror aims especially at the revolutionaries. Die murders of the peasant leaders Cleomar and Renato are crimes that will be justified.

The old state aims also at the revolutionary intellectuals, like Igor Mendes, who was imprisoned after the struggles against the FIFA in 2014. An international campaign resulted in his release.

Neither dungeons, nor torture, nor murder will shift the Brazilian people away from the way of struggle. It cannot and it will not live on its knees. Today there are villages where the old state is not in power and the people is charge.



Let us support the revolution in Brazil!

Let us increase our efforts!

Let us fulfill our internationalist duties!



In India the masses stand in People's War, moving forward in the democratic revolution.

Thousands forming the revolutionary army which is hitting the reactionary armed forces hard again and again.

There New Power is emerging. There the masses build the new world.

The old Indian state has launched the Operation Green Hunt – a war against the people – with more than half a million soldiers. But he is failing.

Therefore the reaction wants to use airstrikes against the revolution. The decision for genocide is already made. It is just a question of time when the bombardments of the liberated areas will start.



Let us support the People's War in India!

Let us stop Operation Green Hunt – the war against the Indian people!

The true face of their democracy is that they are mass murderers!



Next summer the so called G20-Summit will take place in this city.

The greatest criminals against mankind will meet to coordinate their atrocities against the peoples of the world publicly.

For sure there will be protests.

What is necessary are no fancy talks or a big show from our side but a decisive and humble struggle to guide the protest straight not becoming diffuse or inconcrete. That are the antiimperialists duties.

We have to combine ourselves with the other parts of the revolutionary movement and progressive people in general.

If we do so the struggle against the G20-Summit in Hamburg will be a signal from the belly of the beast to the peoples of the world. A powerful signal that cries: Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world unite and defeat imperialism and its lackeys.



Long live Mayday!

Down with imperialism!



Collective Red Hamburg

1st of May 2016