We publish a report on a lecture in Essen, which was sent to us:

An event about the Hamburg Uprising was also held in Essen this Monday on October 16. During the lecture, the audience was provided with a range of information about the uprising. The lecture did not claim to provide a detailed analysis of the history of the KPD and the Communist International, so some interesting points were only touched upon relatively briefly. What the lecture rather pursued was to give the audience a general overview of the events in Hamburg, which succeeded very well. Both the concrete events of the uprising and the specific background were explained in a simple and understandable way.


Likewise, various military aspects as well as the importance of learning from the experiences of the Hamburg uprising for the class struggle under today's conditions were emphasized. Furthermore, the lecture was of course also used to mobilize for the demonstration, which will take place next Monday in Hamburg.

Finally, the participants stayed together after the end of the lecture to talk about various political issues in a relaxed atmosphere with music and drinks. Especially the situation around the current developments in Palestine was a topic that concerns many people and was talked a lot.