Saturday afternoon, the 16th of December another (comparatively) large Demonstration in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Palestine was organized in Freiburg. “Palestine Speaks Freiburg” is organizing these roughly bi-weekly ever since the city allows this type of “event” again.

It is very good that these demonstrations exist, but we need to note, that these function as an acceptable outlet for the state to canalize the anger and the disgust of the masses toward the German State and its support of the genocide.

A few activists of the Red League took part and sold many newspapers which the masses were especially happy to receive, since this issue focused intensely on the struggle of the people of Palestine. The masses also took interest in the hammer and sickle flag and wanted to know the position of the communists in this struggle for national liberation.

The demonstration went from Stühlinger Kirchplatz through the filled city center, around the Christmas market and ended in front of the concert hall. There was an intermediate rally at the main crossing in the city center, Bertholdsbrunnen. Throughout the whole demonstration slogans were shouted without interruption which among other things denounced the criminal chancellor Scholz and foreign minister Baerbock and their sinister role in this.

frbg20231216 1

frbg20231216 2

Under police protection a few repulsive elements were allowed to provoke the demonstration from two spots of the bridge of the main train station:

frbg20231216 4