In Bavaria, the state government tries to make a new law, which banns the use of so called civil clauses by the universities. With the start of this law, the state government would force universities to participate in military research.

Civil clauses are in generally only for civilian purposes. Accordingly, the universities with a civil clause is prohibited from participation in research and science with military use. This commitment has its origin in the antimilitaristic student movement, which make pressure through combative protests and forced numerous universities to accept such a civil clause. The first civil clause was introduced in Bremen in 1986. Today, such a clause has accepted by arround seventy universities in the FRG.

Now a draft has recently been presented in the bavarian federal-state-parliament, which provides to ban the use of civil clauses. In fhey, trying to make a contribution in the development of the military forces of German imperialism by strengthening the area of science and research.

Not to cooperate with the military and armaments company, obviously contradicts the striving a general militarization of the society. Even if all relevant bourgeois parties pull together on this question, this is particularly promoted by the current government on a very offensive way.

In addition to the enormous mobilization of numerous economic means, as financial expenditure for the military, there is also political striving to reintroduce the compulsory military service. This striving is vehemently promoted by War Minister Pistorius, who currently calls many times for conscription as a version of this, based on Scandinavian countries. This deman is supported by the “Cristian democratic Union” CDU, which in turn ended the compulsory military service during its time at the government. At their party congress decided to gradually withdraw the suspension of compulsory military service. A fact that is very bad for the capitalists is very good for the workers. This is that larger parts of the working class are trained on the weapon and permanently learn the corresponding military know -how when they end the suspend conscription. However, the positive aspect for the prevailing positive would be that on the one hand they would strengthen the German military personnel and, on the other hand, have the chance to increasingly influence in the society through the military.

The goal of promoting broad attention and greater social reputation of the armed forces is also pursued by other means such as the begin of the so -called veteran day, which was decided at the end of the last month and determined for June 15. The using of this day is oriented on the US veteran day and other large propaganda events to support the US armed forces. Obviously, the imperialist competitor also inspired as a model for German imperialism, which pursues the goal of replacing Yankee imperialism in his role as the world's largest war criminal.

It becomes apparent that the declarations published by the International Communist League since its foundation at the end of 2022, shows their correctness. In many declarations it was made clear that the imperialism will go down in a complex system of wars, and we live in the times of war. Also in the declaration of this year's first May it is written: “This system is that rotten and the contradictions have developed to such an extent, that the period, in which they were able to reach results with “usual solutions” in form of deepened exploitation of the working class and the oppressed peoples and nations, is over. They want to overcome the crisis of the imperialist system by expanding unjust wars and to transform the deepening contradictions on the axis and in service of their own interests.“ Further they write: „However, the saber-rattling of the imperialists must not cloud the communists’ vision, it must be understood, that the spontaneous struggle of the peoples’ masses against the imperialist war preparations must be firmly directed against imperialism, as a force of combat, because the imperialist war can only be prevented by the revolution, or rather the imperialist war will continue to
fuel the main tendency of the revolution.“


Picture: A lecture hall in the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich

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