We are republishing here a translation into English of a statement by the MPP on the murder of Chairman Gonzalo:



Proletarians of all countries, unite!






We have been taught very rightly by Chairman Mao Tsetung that war has a quota; it is the basic principle of war that makes us see how the good of all necessarily demands the sacrifice of a part. In these eight years of the people's war, blood has been generously shed; Party leaders, Party cadres and militants, fighters of the People's Guerrilla Army and children of the masses who worked closest to us have given their lives, their blood; But never in these lands has it been so heroically and historically shed, never have these lands seen how such red blood as ours, of the revolutionaries and communists, has flowed to make the New Power bear fruit among us, but it has also generously flowed to illuminate the world, because it is doing so.

Many young lives have been cut down, but reaction dreams if it believes that it simply cut them down; it has been the heroic, conscious dedication to the cause taken up that has led comrades, fighters and sons of the people to reach the highest expression that one can give to endorse what one believes in: to give one's own life. These are heroic lives, well lived, gloriously invested and, above all, sealed on the battlefield sowing communism.“

(Speech by Chairman Gonzalo at the Inaugural Session of the 1st Congress of the PCP, 1988)



To the international proletariat and the peoples of the world:

We communicate with immense emotion and deep sorrow with fists raised high and chanting songs of war and victory, under the red flags with hammer and sickle raised high and firmly attached to the great leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty thought, that Chairman Gonzalo has given his life for the unfading Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the Party and the People's War in the highest luminous trench of combat at the Callao Naval Base, according to reactionary media yesterday, September 11, 2021, at 6. 40 a.m.

By communiqué of the reactionary government of the opportunist rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones, the consummation of the physical liquidation of Chairman Gonzalo has been officially announced.

The reactionary government, together with its ministers, parliamentarians, representatives of imperialism and civilian, military and religious reaction, with the chorus of the media with deep reactionary class hatred, has officially announced the physical liquidation of Chairman Gonzalo, after consummating the sinister reactionary plan of the physical annihilation of Chairman Gonzalo, they have covered Chairman Gonzalo with all kinds of insults, accusing him of being “the greatest genocidal“, “the cruelest terrorist“, pointing out, in their own words, that now it is time to “destroy Gonzalo's thought“. But the end Chairman Gonzalo's own life has definitively condemned the CIA-Yanqui-Peruvian reaction-ROL plan to failure.

And, with this, the reactionary government headed by opportunism has taken off all fickle disguise to cover itself with the greatest genocidal infamy and counter-revolutionary opprobrium, which all its predecessors refused to assume, emulating their master the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling Fujimori.

It has been almost 29 years of Chairman Gonzal's heroic struggle in defence of the revolution and his life against the plans of reaction to annihilate him in order to deal a definitive blow to the people's war, to the Peruvian revolution and the world revolution.

With the sacrifice of his own life Chairman Gonzalo has foiled the CIA-Yankee-Reaction-ROL plan to destroy him as leadership of the Party and the revolution, as the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, seeking to infamous him as a revisionist and capitulationist, as a renegade of Maoism, the People's War and the PCP. This monstrous and infamous crime against the most important revolutionary prisoner of war in the world as part of the genocide against the Peruvian people has been consummated by the governmental mandate of the counterrevolutionary rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones. The reactionary plan applied for nearly 29 years always crashed against the unbending, fierce resistance of the great proletarian leadership, the great communist, who, having become a prisoner of war of the old Peruvian state, transformed the concentration camp of the Callao Naval Base into the highest luminous trench of combat.

Chairman Gonzalo, like the communists, the fighting sons of the masses during these more than 41 years of people's war in Peru, with ideology, courage and heroism boldly deployed in the fierce challenge of war, gave his life for the people's war.

Chairman Gonzalo has won a great political, military and moral victory for Maoism, for the Communist Party of Peru, for the people's war, for the democratic revolution on the uninterrupted march to socialism and communism, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, for the international communist movement. September 11 will be remembered by all the communists of the world for this great historical significance of universal scope.


We are sure that the communists, revolutionaries and peoples of the world will mobilise to highlight this great deed of giving the life of Chairman Gonzalo in a daring and fiery war challenge for the people's war to culminate it with the seizure of power in the whole country and to move immediately to develop the socialist revolution and through successive cultural revolutions, always with people's war, to enter with all humanity into the ever golden communism. As he said to his captors, symbolically pointing to his forehead: “You are too late, it is already here!” Chairman Gonzalo like Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, as well as the heroes of history continue to win battles and serve the revolution. The proletariat and the peoples of the world always owe them great respect and obligation: to continue the task they were engaged in. For us it is all the more reason to persist in the people's war to put an end to the three mountains that oppress the Peruvian people and to pass immediately to the other stage of the revolution.


The heroic death of Chairman Gonzalo must serve to give a more powerful impetus to the still pending task of overcoming the complex and difficult situation into which the people's war entered after his arrest and mainly because of the betrayal of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), which was structured in prisons with the help of the Yankee CIA and Peruvian reaction, headed by the rat Miriam. ROL, which called to end the people's war, that is, to betray the people's war, to disown Chairman Gonzalo and Maoism and Gonzalo Thought, the Basis of Party Unity approved at the First Congress of the PCP, all in exchange for better prison conditions and to serve the plans of imperialism and reaction to destroy the Party leadership and Gonzalo Thought, serving the absolute and perpetual isolation of the Chairman. First repeating the reactionary hoax of the “peace letters and talks”, then “asking for a political solution to the problems arising from the war”, in other words amnesty, and then setting up their revisionist farce of a movement for the defence of fundamental rights and amnesty, to try to legalize themselves and participate in the reactionary elections as Movadef and also since 2012 to crawl after the counterrevolutionary rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones to seek to capture the Committee of Struggle of Sutep, which they achieved in the teachers' strike of 2017, which they betrayed in the service of the bosses (the old State). Continuing their black road of service to the old state, they went to form part of the opportunist partisan Perú Libre, owned by the shyster Cerrón and his family, to occupy posts in the service of the old state and its reactionary government and to put themselves at the service of the three necessary tasks of imperialism and reaction: to re-impel bureaucratic capitalism, to restructure the old state and to annihilate the people's war, mainly trying to give it a “definitive blow“ with the annihilation of Chairman Gonzalo.


We denounce: that the opportunist counter-revolutionary Pedro Castillo Terrones, on assuming the presidency of the old Peruvian state, took upon himself the task of consummating the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo and announcing his death. Now, the reason for the first ministerial cabinet with such a composition, with a manifestly greater collusion between the factions and groups of the big bourgeoisie (government and the so-called “opposition“), is better explained, as are the words of Prime Minister Bellido, Cerrón's pawn of Perú Libre, when he said of his own cabinet: that it was “a shock cabinet“, i.e. a transitional one. The same can be said about the vote of confidence of the “opposition“ majority parliament, the visits of members of the Modavef to the ministries, the requests of the rat Miriam regarding Chairman Gonzalo, the so-called “terruqueo“ of representatives of the “opposition“ and the monopoly of the press against members of the reactionary government and other representatives, i.e. as a smokescreen to consummate the sinister plan.


Chairman Gonzalo, after his arrest directed by the Yankee CIA, gave his speech on September 24, 1992, which shines victorious and defiant before the world and the combat weapon of communists, fighters and masses, calling to continue with the people's war for what we are, communists in formation, and stressing that those who remain must and can continue the task, implement the agreements and the development plans of the people's war.


The second time he was able to express himself due to a slight oversight by his guards, was on the occasion of the opening of the new trial in November 2004, an oral trial that was frustrated, because Chairman Gonzalo waved the slogans “Long live Maoism! Long live the PCP! Long live the People's War!“


Chairman Gonzalo never recognised the authority of the reactionary judges and courts to trial him, he always presented himself as the leader of the PCP and the People's War, therefore he never signed any request for amnesty or clemency for his enemies. Neither he nor the PCP ever asked the authorities of the old landlord-bureaucratic state in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, for his freedom.


The slogan that the PCP and the MPP (as its generated organism) have raised in the campaign since the first moments of his arrest is: Defend the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the all-powerful Gonzalo Thought! Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo!


The Party, in a hard two-line struggle in Peru and in RIM and ICM, made it clear that it was not a question of defending anyone's skin, but of defending the Chairman as the leadership of the Party and the revolution. The ROL rats have always tried to sow confusion in this regard in order to oppose the two united and inseparable campaigns, the campaign for Maoism and the campaign for Chairman Gonzalo because they are mortal enemies of Maoism, Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo Thought, the PCP and the People's War.


Chairman Gonzalo, as he himself has taught, has paid the quota that the development of the people's war demands, that the concretization of the general reorganization of the Party demands by smashing the low-intensity counterrevolutionary war led by US imperialism, by reaction relying on the service of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL.


The Chairman as a great communist leader by uniting theory and practice has fulfilled what he has taught: he has paid his dues, it is the basic principle of war that makes us see how the good of all necessarily demands the sacrifice of a part. The giving of his own life is a call to persist in the people's war, his blood has been generously shed; he has given his life, his blood; thus we have seen how red is his blood, how red is the blood of our Chairman, of the revolutionaries and communists. As he taught, it has flowed to make the New Power bear fruit among us, but it has also flowed generously to enlighten the world, because that is what he is doing. The Chairman has reached the highest expression one can give to endorse what one believes in: to give one's life. Chairman Gonzalo's life as the comrades of the party, fighters of the PLA and comrades of the masses, as he said: “are heroic lives, well lived, gloriously invested and, above all, sealed on the battlefield sowing communism“.


Our commitment to give our lives to defend Chairman Gonzalo's leadership and his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought, therefore, to continue developing the two united and inseparable campaigns, that is, the campaign for Maoism and the campaign for the defence of Chairman Gonzalo, aiming against the new revisionism headed by the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL. We point against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL in Peru, as the head of the new revisionism on a world level, which denies the semi-colonial and semi-feudal character of the Third World countries, saying that these have ceased to be so because of “neo-liberalism“ and that in Peru, also because with the people's war the semi-feudal relations were destroyed and Peru became dependent capitalist and “that the present struggle is for democratic rights, a new constitution and sovereignty“. These renegades deny what Maoism and Gonzalo Thought have established, that as long as the democratic revolution is not completed with the seizure of power throughout the country, the domination of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism will not have been destroyed. In Peru, where reaction has re-established the old power, it has thereby re-established the old relations of production, that is semi-feudalism. The new revisionism denies the revolutionary situation developing internationally. That is to say, it denies the revolution as the main trend, it denies the new great wave of the world revolution, it denies the strategic offensive of the world revolution, it denies the main contradiction, it denies the democratic revolution, it denies the land problem in the Third World countries and thus denies the world proletarian revolution. They are counter-revolutionary renegades.


Against the designs of the ROL to use, as every revisionist and counterrevolutionary does, the circumstances of the death to present the ROL head Miriam as the “successor“, we reiterate our warning from our last communiqué which says: “With this background, if the enemy intends to consummate the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo and they will go so far as to present some mammoth as “his last will“ through the rat Miriam - we have to remember the infamous testament of Lenin, which he never dictated because he could not express himself. The ICM is well prepared to give an accurate response to these atrocities. We want to remind those who are preparing and assisting this sinister criminal plan that, when the time comes, the price they will have to pay will be commensurate with their abominable action and no one will be able to prevent the river from overflowing“.


We reaffirm that: The prevailing social order, the imperialist world system, US imperialism in it, the common enemy of the peoples of the whole world, is outdated and rotten to the core, it is sustained by the bloody bayonets of mercenary armies that will be powerless before us. Anyone who takes a look at the world today will see that we are facing a situation where the world proletarian revolution is the only way out, the only road for humanity and that the development of the objective and subjective conditions in the world are favourable for revolution. Therefore, we reaffirm the necessity of the early realisation of the Unified Maoist International Conference and the future birth of the New International Organisation of the Proletariat.



Our pledge:


We take up the heroic example of the leadership, of Chairman Gonzalo, of the giving of the life for the people's war, for the democratic revolution, for the socialist revolution and communism, we join it with the lives of all the heroes of the people's war in Peru and of the World Proletarian Revolution, “we take those lives, that example, that blood, and let them enter into our own flesh, so that they may enkindle our own minds and make our will more and more tense, so that that path opened with an effort never seen here and which will be the astonishment [SIC] of the centuries, may be the path we continue to follow until we fulfil the task they set themselves. The best homage we can pay them and we are paying them today is to persist on that path, on that course and we will not stop, comrades, as a Party, as a class, as the masses, we will not stop together with the international proletariat, together with the Communist Parties and the immense masses of the people of the world, and we will not stop until communism. Let this be the serious commitment that we make today, once again, at this Congress in homage to the heroes of the people“. For the general reorganisation of the Party in and for the people's war in the struggle to the death against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL.


Honour and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Long live the 29th anniversary of our great leadership's speech of 24 September 1992, which shines victoriously and defiantly before the world as a combat weapon of communists, fighters and masses!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long live people's war!

Down with the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line!


People's Movement Peru

September 2021