Over the past days and week the comrades in Brazil, with great impulse and strength, propelled forward the campaign on occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx. In the Midst of Great struggles of the working class, marked also by the tremendous and spreading Trucker's Strike, the comrades developed a plethora of actions encompassing flagging actions, intervention at conferences and demonstrations as well as university debates. Following is a brief summary of some of the actions.

In the 11th Congress of Trade Union of the Workers in Education in Minas Gerais, that took place in Belo Horizonte, between the 31th of May and the 3rd of June comrades took to the stage to bring a firm class position into this event so to win the most advanced attendees. During their intervention, the comrades held high the banner of the campaign:

Brasilien 200 Kongress

On the 3rd of June, during a demonstration in support of striking workers that was to be engrossed by revisionist forces the comrades of the Liga Operario also took firm class position combating the revisionists and reformists attempts and with flags and banners:

Brasilien 200 Demo 1

Brasilien 200 Demo 2

Also, several more pictures were published of actions carried out, in which flags with Hammer and Sickle had been hoisted in various parts of Brazil. In North Minas such flags were hoisted on sidewalks, electricity poles, railings and a boat. In the midst of the currently ongoing and spreading struggle of the truck drivers also such flags were hoisted at the picket lines of the striking workers:

Brasilien 200 Boot

Brasilien 200 Boot 2

Brasilien 200 Minas 1

Brasilien 200 Minas 2

Brasilien 200 Minas 4

In Rio de Janairo dozens of celebratory posters with the campaign logo were put up. Most of these posters, signed by the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the Rights of the People could be found on the walls and bus stops of the central and northern regions of the city:

Brasilien 200 Poster 1

Brasilien 200 Poster 2

Brasilien 200 Poster 3

Brasilien 200 Poster 5

As if that wouldn't be enough, the comrades held (another) event celebrating the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx was held. In the Federal Universaty of Paraná more then 75 gathered for vivid discussion, joint celebration, singing and the shouting of combative slogans:

Brasilien 200 Uni