On the following we publish english extracts from the article published by El Comunero as part of the International Campaign "#DrSernasPresentedAlive" together with a video of an action that took place at the entrance of the consulate of Mexico in the city of Medellin.

"Action demanding the presentation of Dr. Sernas alive

On September 10, activists from different organizations met at the entrance of the consulate of Mexico in the city of Medellin they denounced the disappearance of the lawyer Ernesto Sernas García and demanded that the Mexican State present him alive. The activity was attended by university students, school students, trade unionists and teachers belonging to different revolutionary and democratic organizations from the city.

This action is part of the International Campaign for the Presentation of Dr. Ernesto Sernas García alive, called by the comrades of the Current of the People Red Sun of Oaxaca, Mexico.
We are willing to pay the costs and to continue organizing the courage and indignation of the proletariat, the poor peasantry and the deepest layers of the population; to improve these forms of organization and, indeed, the forms of struggle with the perspective of building a new society.

We will not rest until we find our comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas García alive and all the political disappeared of the popular movement.

Ernesto Sernas García, presented alive!
If they took him alive. We want him alive!
Stop state terrorism and the war against the people!
With Red Sun, People will win!
Fort he workers to govern the homeland
Justice to Ayotzinapa!
If they took them alive. We want them alive!