Tens of thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in Belarus to fight against government election fraud.

Aljaksandr Lukashenka has been president of the country since 1994, and according to the Byelorussian constitution, his term of office was to end in 2006, as it was only allowed to last two periods. In a 2006 referendum, he and his party repealed the law that was supposed to limit the term of office. Oppositionists were arrested. This is how the 2006, 2010, 2015 and 2020 elections ran. The secret service murdered, arrested, and tortured to protect Lukashenko's power.
From tenure to tenure, the anger of the masses against the government increased, especially with regard to the country's domestic politics. Belarus was a colony of Soviet social-imperialism until 1991, but despite the dissolution of the USSR, the country never actually became independent.
50% of the Russian oil flows through the Druzhba pipeline, which is located in Belarus, in 1997 an agreement was even signed by Lukashenko, which provides for a merger of Russia and Belarus. In 2007 the break with Russia allegedly came, at least if you can believe the bourgeois media. The fact is, however; the country is economically dependent on Russia, the official language is still Russian and no oil dispute between the countries can hide these facts. In 2007, 41% of the state budget was borne by savings on gas and oil purchases, which Russia made possible for Belarus. Russia is buying, Lukashenko is jumping.
In 2020, Putin sent Lukashenko his congratulations on winning the election, friendship with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie wants to be cultivated.
White House officials act outraged by the police violence. Nothing but empty words considering what is happening in the US right now. Of course, Yankee imperialism is not thrilled when Russia is involved. After all, imperialist states are in constant competition with one another
Svetlana Tichanovskaya, the opposition leader in 2020, has since left the country, her husband, for whom she ran as deputy, is still in prison. During the election campaign, she promised the people that she would stay and fight. Now she is in Lithuania with her children and sent a video message calling on the demonstrators to stay at home, calling herself a weak woman and making it clear that her children take precedence over politics. While serious injuries and deaths occur on the streets, she flees from all responsibility. The masses are ready to die, ready to be tortured. Tichanovskaya's willingness is nothing but empty words.
While the politicians capitulate cowardly or hide behind the military, police and secret service, people are on the streets fighting. It always comes true what Chairman Mao teaches us: The masses write history.