For many people in Germany, who have the privilege of living in an imperialist nation, a holiday in Turkey means a recovery from exploitation and oppression, and for not a few it means a holiday at home. For Turkey, tourism is an existential economic source of income. That is why the sector is preparing itself with considerable resources to ensure that foreign tourists can have as full a program as possible without losing hygiene. For example, on the 12th of August, Istanbul Airport was the first in the world to receive health accreditation from the Airports Council International (ACI), the international federation of airport operators. This is a kind of confirmation that the airport guarantees sufficient hygiene measures to meet the requirements of the battered international aviation industry during the pandemic.

Outside the beaches and hotels the situation is quite different. On Sunday, the Ministry of the Interior announced the convening of so-called "neighbourhood inspection teams" - state forces in cooperation with local reactionaries - to control the adherence to the "hygiene measures". In addition, "all necessary measures - including electronically controlled options" - would be taken enforce the isolation rules for people under quarantine. And for those over 65 years of age as a risk-group, there is a curfew before 10 am and after 8 pm. By the way, German tourists are exempt from this, as their hygiene should be taken care of.

The Foreign Office of the German state issued an official travel warning for Turkey in June, which has now been partially reversed, although Turkey is still considered a "risk area". And even though there are companies threatening with direct two-week quarantine up to dismissals (actually a massive intervention in "personal rights", but a state of emergency makes it possible), the general tendency of the German bourgeoisie is to approve holidays in Turkey with a little bit of a frown, in order to keep people calm by letting them recover. Thus, both the imperialists and Turkey, which is financially clinged to tourism, have an interest in maintaining the holiday opportunities despite the pandemic. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) puts it to the point when he says that only the safety of the travellers is crucial. The people in an oppressed nation are once again at a disadvantage when it comes to maintaining "social peace" in imperialist countries.