Comrades at Tjen Folket Media (Serve the People Media) reports that actions have been made in solidarity with the workers on the shipping company Hurtigruten, which mainly uses workers from the Philippines, who work for 8 months at a time away from home and only receive 35 Norwegian Crowns an hour (much less than the regular wage in Norway). Revolutionaries held a manifestation in front of the Hurtigruten headquarters in Oslo, with a banner and held a speech. In Bergen a banner was put up in front of the docks.

Also actions was made in Trondheim and Oslo, in solidarity with the fallen comrades of the TKP/ML.


Comrades at Punalippu (Red Flag) writes on  how the “Finnish security police” (SUPO), which is to say the political police, is pushing for a change in law to making the act of them secretly recruiting agents, legal.


Comrades at Socialistisk Revolution (Socialist Revolution) writes  about several killings and shootings of the police in the last few weeks. What is common in all the stories is that almost no information has gotten out and that the bourgeois press has been mostly silent.