After the first protests, thousands again took to the streets in France last weekend to protest against the planned law on "global security".

The situation is hot in France, and there have been repeated protests in recent times, even though curfews are in place in parts of the country. The current weekend protests also managed to mobilise around 500,000 people onto the streets nationwide, 200,000 of them in Paris alone. The law, and in particular Article 24, which also restricts the freedom of the press, ensured that people took to the streets not only in large numbers but also extremely angry. A total of 62 police officers are said to have been injured during the large demonstrations, they were beaten by the masses, burned themselves or were beaten unconscious. This "unacceptable violence against the police", as the French Minister of the Interior called it, can also be seen as a product of the fact that only last week two cases of police violence became known again. Precisely because people filmed these acts and made them public, which is exactly what the new draft law is supposed to ban right now, among other things. This only revealed even more the reactionary character of the new law that wants to prevent this.

When there were fights with the police in the early evening hours after the demonstrations, not only were police officers targeted, barricades were erected, several buildings were attacked, including the entrance to the Central Bank of France. 81 people were arrested during the protests.

France's President Macron is shocked by the violence against the police and wants to restore the "relationship of trust" between the people and the police, an obviously hopeless goal, as this is the third time this year he has announced this plan. The police director, on the other hand, sees the problem clearly with the masses, because since the yellow vest protests violence against the police would have increased more and more.

So far, the protests have achieved a small success, so now Article 24 is to be reformulated by an independent commission. And this after the National Assembly has already approved it, however, and all that was needed was approval from the House of Lords.

Videos of the protests can be found here, here and here.


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