We publish an unofficial translation of a report by Sol Rojo Mexico.

In the context of the 5th report of Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa (PRI), a scenario of repression against the popular movement as a whole has been building up. For weeks now, organizations such as UCIZONI, COPIR, COCEI-ML, MAIZ and CP-Sol Rojo have been denouncing this repressive escalation, which includes threats, kidnappings, shootings, arbitrary detentions and political imprisonment, such as that of Salvador Pinal Meléndez (opponent of the CIIT). A few days ago the news of the disappearance of activist Irma Galindo Barrios came to light. In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 14th, the eviction of the UACOL organization took place in the historic center of Oaxaca City; the operation was carried out by elements of the municipal police of Oaxaca de Juárez, on direct orders of the municipal president Oswaldo García Jarquín (MORENA). Today, just on the day of the governor's 5th report, the historic center of the city remains under siege, with hundreds of municipal police elements with riot gear, metal fences, anti-riot vehicles, surveillance from C4, etc. Entrances and exits are restricted. On the central square, democratic organizations such as the CP-Sol Rojo and displaced Triquis (indigenous group in Mexico – note by translator) from San Juan and San Miguel Copala remain in a watch of general alert; in front of the police columns, posters demanding the freedom of Salvador Pinal Meléndez are defiantly displayed. Oaxaca is under siege by the PRI-MOR alliance.