The increasingly poor situation of the Turkish people due to the economic crisis (the Turkish lira, for example, has been devalued again in recent weeks from one-tenth to one-thirteenth of the U.S. dollar) has led in recent weeks to large protests, mostly heavily repressed by reaction and often attacked, in metropolitan and mid-sized cities such as Canakkale, where police attacked the protest and at least two women sexually. In the process, crowds repeatedly chanted "Government, resign!"

Canakkale Polizeigewalt


The same slogan resounded again during protests on the 25th of November, the day against violence against women. Thousands marched in Istanbul, for example, where police attacked demonstrators with rubber bullets and pepper spray.

25 November 21 Istanbul


The TKP/ML has published a statement for the People's War in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and against Operation Prahaar-3, calling on all revolutionary forces, especially all Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces in all corners of the world to follow the call of the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee for International Support for Resistance against this campaign of the old Indian state and to unleash actions.



In Hisarcık in Kütahya province in the west of the country, mining workers protest against their downgrading from not being officially recognized as such. This has led to layoffs recently, in addition to poorer wages, leaving 200 open-pit mine workers in Hisarcık unemployed in one fell swoop - with no reasons given and no compensation.

Hisarcık Bergbauarbeiter Protest


In the village of Sulak, women resisted visits by the energy company DEDAS, which wanted to increase the price of electricity on the pretext of carrying out meter checks. In response, the gendarmerie moved in with hundreds of troops and armored vehicles, firing warning shots in the air and using pepper spray to attack the resisting women.

Sulak Protest gegen Zählerüberprüfungen