Actions were done in front of the Norwegian parliament, because a famous person was found not guilty of 8 out of 9 rapes committed, after the courts initially found him guilty and sentenced him to 13,5 years in Norwegian prison, after appealing he only faces one year in Norwegian prison. Only about 1 out of 100 reported sexual assaults, lead to any conviction, so it is only natural that the female masses distrust the state and rebell against its institutions.

Comrades from Tjen Folket Media report that food prices have increased significantly in February, many foods have increased by a double digit percentage. For example wiener sausages increased by 18 percent, shrimp salad by 40 percent, rolled oats by 16 percent and canned mackerel in tomato sauce by 33 percent. All basic foods that have increased significantly.

The comrades report how this in conjunction with increased electricity prices, higher interest rates, higher fuel prices, and the general prices increases, will have a big effect on families with a low income. The number of officially registered poor people went from 400 thousand to 500 thousand in ten years, and the people whose income is in the lowest third, have seen a decrease in effective wages. And these statistics does not even account for the current economic crisis and the price increases.


At a press conference the prime minister has said that the government is negotiating with the USA to have a closer military cooperation, with possibly yankee soldiers in Denmark. This is a big change since there has not been stationed foreign troops for more than 50 years in Denmark, and if you look at for example Norway the USA has three military bases, and have special laws that for example means that they cannot be punished for crimes under Norwegian law. The negotiations have been going on for about a year, and the final plan is not yet released, but it is clear that Danish imperialism plans to collude even more with yankee imperialism.

A proposal in parliament has been forward by the social democratic government, to make it so that any family in public housing, will be removed from their home, if just one of the residents is convicted of a crime. Currently this is also possible, but must be approved by the local housing board, which has made it so that such evictions have been blocked in the past. With this proposal there will be no such possibility, and entire families can be evicted from their home almost immediately, if just one resident has been sentenced for a crime, without possibility of stopping the eviction.