Late last week, Israeli forces carried out another massacre of Palestinians during an operation in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank. Several members of the armed forces, dressed in civilian clothes, opened fire on a large street in the middle of the city. Videos of the incident show a man lying on the ground and then being shot in the head by one of the Israeli assailants - a veritable execution in the open street. As a result, two Palestinians were killed in the operation and at least 20 others were injured after putting up strong resistance to the occupation forces.

Then, last Friday, a man was shot dead by Israeli troops in the village of Beitin. These are the latest events in the Palestinian liberation struggle, whose crackdown has been massively intensified and escalated by Israel in recent weeks. Last week's massacre is now the fourth planned massacre in a so-called crackdown committed by Israel this year. 84 Palestinians have already been murdered by Israeli forces in what is actually still a young year - more than have been murdered in such a short time for a long time.