We publish an unofficial translation of a text by the comrades of the FDLP-EC from Ecuador.

An avalanche has buried several families and killed several people in Alausí.

Beforehand, the inhabitants of Alausí had warned of the instability of the terrain and the possible consequences. They wrote letters to the mayor's office, the prefecture and the state authorities responsible for monitoring disasters and accidents. They all ignored them. Now the community mourns their dead, mourns their misfortune.

Reluctantly, and after various excuses, Lasso went to Alausí to "survey the devastation".

As could not be otherwise, the community, hurt at not having been taken care of in time, embittered at the loss of their loved ones, refused the visit of the banker who, like it or not, is responsible for inaction or omission. The response of their dogs was not long in coming: they attacked the demonstrators with blows and tear gas.

The families of the victims of the disaster were left in Alausí without their loved ones, many dead had to be buried, other victims had to be found; their property was completely destroyed, but they were also humiliated and oppressed by a criminal police force that wanted to defend the integrity of a miserable banker whose life has no more weight than the feather of a chicken.

So much suffering for our people, so much misery, and all for the vanity of a bourgeois comprador who is not only corrupt and a criminal linked to the drug cartels, but also a murderer by omission and complicity.

The Frente de Defensa de las Luchas del Pueblo expresses all its class solidarity with the masses of Alausí in this critical situation they find themselves in.

To the bankers: we forgive and do not forget!