Tjen Folket Media reports that on June 10th the Struggle Committee has participated in a demonstration against the inflation, for higher wages and better living conditions.

A demonstration was organised in Oslo under the slogans ”Strike for higher pay! Struggle for better living conditions!”.

Before the demonstration multiple leaflets and posters have been distributed, mobilising for the event.

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No3 062023

The demonstration began at the Grønland torg with music and speeches, before it continued through Oslo centrum to Arbeidersamfunnets plass. Slogans like ”International Solidarity, struggle unity of the working class!”, ”No help for the rich, let them pay for their own crisis!” and ”Don’t let them split us, join together to struggle!”.

In the demonstration participated Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan, Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan – Abroad Organization, Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist (Official Line), Revolutionary Communists, AntiTyranny International Collective and The Struggle Commitee.


The Communist League of Sweden carried out actions in an anti-imperialist spirit on the 6th of June, the National Day of Sweden, during which the Swedish bourgeoisie celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of the modern Swedish state.

While the bourgeoisie celebrated the Maoists showed their rejection of the false bourgeois propaganda and reminded that the swedish imperialists are doing their all to strengthen their positions and their exploitation of the oppressed countries.

The Swedish imperialists are in this temporarily blocked by the reactionary Turkish state, who wish to gain yankee military supplies in return for allowing Sweden to join NATO. Military support to the Turkish state would be turned against our comrades in the TKP/ML, in TIKKO, against all combatants and masses who are fighting in the People’s War in Turkey. Thus the Communist League of Sweden declared their full support for the TKP/ML and the People’s War, against NATO-membership, not to, as the Joint Statement against NATO earlier this year made clear, protect false ”Nordic Neutrality” but to weaken and defeat imperialism.

A Banner with the slogans ”Down with NATO!”, ”Long live the People’s War in Turkey!”, Long live the TKP/ML!” was hung down in multiple locations.

The actions were carried out at Sergels torg, Slussen and by the Royal Palace in central Stockholm, as well as in different suburbs of the capital.

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Se3 062023

Se4 062023


In Tampere posters and dazibaos with the slogans “Long live the Day of Heroism!”, ”Unite under Maoism!”, ”Death to revisionism!” and ”Honor to the fallen heroes!” were spread.

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Punalippu reports [] that on Wednesday 21.6. The Helsinki District Court has issued a decision on the violent suppression of the Elokapina protest in 2020. The police used pepper spray against the protesters sitting on the roadway and confiscated the water bottles that were used to spray first aid. The protesters had refused to obey the police's order to leave, but had not resisted the police. Punalippu made news[] about the incident in due course.

The decision of the Helsinki District Court is noteworthy, as the illegal suppression of demonstrations has increased in recent years. This year alone, for example, there has been police repression of an anti-NATO demonstration (later the police stated that no law was broken at the demonstration) and the arrest of anti-fascists who obeyed police orders . The decision is also noteworthy when Orpo's government plans to increase repression against youth in order to eradicate "youth and gang crime", especially targeting youth with an immigrant background.


Socialist Revolution reports that the State Salary Committee set to investigate the salery conditions of the Danish nurses has concluded that nurses in Denmark are "paid too much".

The committee was established in 2021 after the nurses had won an economic, but mostly moral strike over the corporativist tripartite system or the "Danish model" of "negotiations" between the trade union bureaucracy, the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois State.

In their strike, betrayed by the union bureaucrats and the bourgeois State, they exposed the "Danish model" for what it is, a system only serving the bourgeoisie, when they continued their strike after the State intervened and declared it illegal.

Since then the healthcare system in Denmark has been deteriorating, with recent cases of cancer-patients not getting treated on time due to a lack of staff. The bourgeoisie at the same time tries to optimise the exploitation of the nurses they have left in stead of improving conditions and raising the salary.

The Committee concluded that nurses are "paid too much" by comparing the nurses to other professions with completely different working conditions and is a farce.