Comrades from Punalippu reports on various actions that have been carried out in Helsinki.

A mural was painted with the slogan: ”Down with the government! Towards a socialist revolution!”.

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Posters propagating Maoism were also distributed:

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Reports were also received that tells there has been an extensive distribution of leaflets in various proletarian neighbourhoods in Helsinki in the past month. According to the report 3/4 of the masses encountered in the poor neighbourhoods disapproved of the new Orpo government. Some asked also showed enthusiasm for socialist ideas.


Comrades of the website Socialist Revolution report that a slogans were painted on a wall of the proletarian neighbourhood of Taastrup Gård. The slogans are in support of the peasant Luzivaldo, who together with his brother has been imprisoned on a false basis, because the motive has been political, not legal. The slogan reads: ”Freedom to Luzivaldo!” and ”Freedom to all political prisoners!”.

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Multiple murals were also reported in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people have been painted in the proletarian neighbourhood of Taastrup Gård. The actions were reported at the same time the attacks on the Palestinian people were going on in Jenin.

Slogans read: ”Freedom to Palestine!”, ”Down with the attacks in Jenin!” and ”Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live Palestine!”.

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