In July, there were again several reports of new attacks and armed propaganda actions by the Communist Party of India (Maoist)-led People's Liberation Guerrilla Army on forces of the old Indian state, construction companies and police informers.

On July 08, a week after the arson attack on two excavators, five dump trucks and two tractors in in Muniguda town of Odisha state, Maoist fighters hung several banners in Rayagada town warning the Odisha state government very seriously not to go ahead with the construction of a road between Serakapadi and Niyamgiri towns. The banners also denounced the government for giving away forest land to various companies and depriving local tribals and poor farmers of their livelihood.

In the state of Maharashtra, the new chief minister Dharmararao Baba Atram reportedly received a death threat from Maoists. The death threat reached the chief minister following his public support and endorsement for the construction of six mines in Gadchiroli district.

On July 17, in the federal state of Jharkhand, a police officer of the Central Police Reserve Unit was injured by the explosion of an improvised explosive device during an anti-Maoist operation near Kuira village. In the aftermath of the failed operation, a larger police unit attempted to track down Maoist guerrillas in the area without success.

On July 19, a guerrilla unit carried out an ambush on the warehouse of a construction company in the federal state of Jharkhand. In the process, an excavator was set on fire. Maoist actions against construction companies are often related to the intentional construction of roads in rural areas to allow foreign companies better access to plunder and exploit resources. They are also used to enable the police and military to conduct anti-Maoist operations in New Power areas with their equipment.

On the same day, also in the same state, a police informant was killed by the guerrillas in Latehar district.

On July 23, in the state of Chhattisgarh in Narayanpur district, a police informer was arrested and subsequently executed by People's Liberation Guerrilla Army fighters.

On July 24, another police officer from the Central Police Reserve Unit was injured by an improvised explosive device during an anti-Maoist operation in a forest area in Jharkhand state.

In Odisha state, banners and posters were put up in several villages in Bargarh district calling for people to participate in Martyrs' Week between July 28 and August 3. The banners also included the call to commemorate the killed fighters of the revolution and to intensify the efforts to overcome the rule of the old Indian state and to pave the way further for the revolution.

The range of actions that were carried out in four different states of India and a total of eight districts shows once again that the reports of a slowdown or even a defeat of the people's war in India by the bourgeois Indian media are nothing more than hot air. The People's War in India is alive and well, and the Indian reaction is unable to control it, as evidenced by the numerous reports of injured police officers who are repeatedly ambushed by guerrillas or hit by improvised explosive devices during anti-Maoist operations.