The National Commission of the League of Poor Peasants published a statement on September 4 in which it comments on various issues related to the current political situation in Brazil, and in particular on the recent murders and acts of violence committed by the Latifundium and its lackeys. On August 03, three armed men stormed the home of Fumaça and his wife Cleide Silva in the rural Humaitá region of the southern part of Amazonas, tortured the couple and executed the husband with five shots to the head and the wife with five shots to the chest. Cleide and Fumaça had moved from Rondonia to the state of Amazonas to help poor peasants conquer large estates. Through WhatsApp, big landowners informed each other of the couple's arrival in the region, identifying them "as activists of the League of Poor Peasants from Rondonia." On August 17, in the state of Bahia, Mãe Bernadete, a leader of the Afro-Brazilian, the Quilombola, was murdered despite being under police protection. She had previously received death threats from big landowners. Below we quote the of parts of the statement of the National Commission of the League of Poor Peasants.

"It’s the complete truth! The peasant masses don’t want to occupy, they want to take what is theirs! The peasant masses don’t want to sit on the side of the road and wait for the “government’s agrarian reform”, they want to divide the land to work on their plot! The peasants want to eat, and under current conditions they will not ask whether the food is organic or not. They don’t care about these fake CCUs that are useless! The peasant masses no longer want to count the bodies of their leaders and activists, indigenous and quilombola leaders, all murdered by goons of the latifundium and the police of that old genocidal State! [...]

From the hysteria of the words to the facts. The latifundo and the reactionary extreme right, armed to the teeth by the genocidal Bolsonaro and his generals, always in collusion with the murderous military and civilian police, in uniform or acting as private security guards and goons, attacked in different parts of the country peasants struggling for land from the beginning of the Lula/Alckmim/Maggi reactionary coalition government. Exactly like they did on January 8th in Brasília. This also happened with indigenous people and quilombolas. “General silence”!

History do not forgive. Conciliating with reaction has always led to massive bloodbaths!

Whoever orders the killing can also die, especially since the cause they defend has reached such a point of demoralization that they can only defend themselves with weapons.

Our struggle is just, our cause is sacred!

We call We call and advise to creat self-defense organizations in the struggle for land in the same proportion and caliber!

We call on the peasant leaders of land occupationswho did not bend the knee, and there are thousands of them throughout Brazil, the squatter leaders, the indigenous peoples, the quilombola organizations, the populations affected by dams, mining and eucalyptus cultivation, the proletarian masses and others city workers, who increasingly fight in defense of their trampled rights, to close ranks with our brave peasantry, with the path of the Agrarian Revolution.

The hysterical latifundium, lord of everything, screams. The pig’s grunt is a sign of its death. Death to the latifundium!"

The newspaper A Nova Democracia reported on 02 September about the official visit of the supreme military commander of the Brazilian Army, General Tomás Miguel Miné Paiva with high-ranking members of the old Indian Army and the defense minister of the old Indian state with the aim of strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Part of Tomás Miguel Miné Paiva's visit included meetings with the Chief of Staff of the Old Indian Army, as well as the Chief of Defense Staff, and participation in firing exercises and military maneuvers of the Old Indian Army. A Nova Democracia further explains in the article that the countries have no common ground in terms of strategic defense, have fundamentally different external problems, and have significant differences both geographically and in terms of environmental issues related to defense. The article emphasizes, however, that India has some interesting features for the reactionary Brazilian army, for example, the country is predominantly agrarian and has been the scene of a revolutionary process for more than 50 years, expressed today in the People's War of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army fighting under its leadership, which organizes peasants and indigenous people in their struggle and controls significant parts of Indian territory. The old Indian armed forces play a central role in the struggle against the New Democratic Revolution and the People's War in India.

Further, the article notes that the Brazilian army has a great interest in these very issues and has been intensifying its troops' training and operations to fight the so-called "internal enemy" for years. An example of this is that in 2020 the reactionary Brazilian Army conducted a training in which candidates of the elite troops had to go through a training in which they had to fight against a "secret armed organization" that emerged from a split of a "Workers' Party" that recruits and trains activists of the Movement of Struggle for Land. Another example comes from the same year, where a military exercise was carried out in the state of Rondonia, under the direct supervision of Yankee imperialism, simulating the struggle between a "red" and a "blue" country.

This year, the reactionary Brazilian Armed Forces announced that they would allocate part of their budget to Strategic Projects for 2024, which specifically foresee the use of helicopters and drones in the Amazon, which is a scene of peasant struggles in Brazil.

In Chile, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the military coup of General Pinochet, which was supported by U.S. and German imperialism, a propaganda action was carried out by the Revolutionary Front of the People and a statement was published. The action originated in the Mataquito Valley, inhabited by many peasants, in the Curicó province of Chile's Maule region, and translates as "50 Years of Fascist Military Coup - The Rebellion is Justified!"

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In addition, the website Prensa Chiripilko published a longer article that discusses the military coup and its (historical) background and basis, of which an unofficial translation exists on the website The Red Herald.

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