On January 16, the democratic and revolutionary news website Solrojista published a Political Declaration of the General Assembly of the Popular Current Red Sun of January 13, 2024. The declaration begins with an analysis of the international and national situation in which the class struggle is developing.

Among other things, the General Assembly declares that the general crisis of imperialism has no solution to the problems, which is reflected in the degree of decomposition of imperialism and its starving, plundering and warmongering character. Which is concretely expressed in a crisis of relative overproduction leading to the destruction of productive forces which directly affects the working class and oppressed peoples with wage losses, increased costs of living, forced unemployment, the loss of acquired rights and the expropriation of land, territories and natural resources.

Another point of the declaration is the observed intensification of the structural crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Mexico itself. The General Assembly observes how the semi-colonial state in which the country finds itself undermines the formality of Mexico's national sovereignty, as evidenced by economic agreements such as the so-called free trade agreement T-MEC (USA-Mexico-Canada) or the imperialist megaprojects of dispossession and death. On the other hand, the semi-feudal character of Mexico continues to bleed the peoples of the country through serfdom, which manifests itself in the persistence of large landownership, as well as the semi-feudal power that rules politically, economically and socially in the country, and slave labor and levies based on the oldest racist and patriarchal foundations.

Furthermore, the General Assembly takes a strong stance against the electoral farce that the landlord-bureaucratcapitalist state will hold in Mexico this year and declares that these elections will act as a distraction to carry out attacks on the rights of workers and peoples, as expressed, for example, in the new state revenue law of the state of Oaxaca to convert social communal property of land into private property to facilitate the realization of imperialist mega-projects. In this sense, the declaration proclaims that their struggle is not for reforms or pain relief, but for the new democratic revolution towards socialism. Based on this, the Current of the People Red Sun calls on all workers and peoples of Mexico to build a large platform of principled unity in order to boycott the bourgeois electoral farce with combative actions.

You can read the full statement in the Spanish original here and in an unofficial English translation here.

Following this, we would like to report on various actions in solidarity with nine activists who were raided and detained on January 27th, accused of stealing a police vehicle during a road blockade against the imperialist megaproject of the Interoceanic Corridor. The following day, a joint operation was carried out by the state police, the National Guard and the old Mexican army and navy in the municipality of Santa María Mixtequilla to prevent organized resistance by the residents.

Solidaritätsaktionen 30.01 1
In Matías Romero, the activists demonstrated in front of the Control and Family Court.

Solidaritätsaktionen 30.01 1
In Huajuapan, activists occupied the offices of the Attorney General's Office.

Solidaritätsaktionen 30.01 2
In Oaxaca, activists from the Current of the People Red Sun carried out a solidarity action, which included leafleting to launch the election boycott campaign.