The Kabel1 (german TV channel) format "Mama kann nicht kochen" (Mom can't cook) once again shows that patriarchal gender relations are blithely fueled in this society.

The program begins by introducing a mother who doesn't like to cook and leaves this reproductive work to her husband. In the process, he is also already supported by her son, who, according to his own statement, enjoys cooking. One wonders, then, where the problem is, especially since nothing at all is said about how the other tasks are distributed between the two. The message is clear: a mother has to cook, otherwise something is wrong. Kabel1 doesn't want to let this "hardship case" get away with it and sends her a coach who is supposed to show her how to prepare a real hamburger. She is then supposed to prepare it as a final exam for her family, to prove that Mom can now cook. Her husband and son are satisfied with the result, test passed. Thus, according to Kabel1's closing words, reestablishes a good spirit to the family.

So the statement that sticks is that a family without a cooking wife is disfunctional. Even in 2021, a real mother has to do the cooking. Much more logical, on the other hand, would be a show called "Dad can't cook", because according to bourgeois statistics, women do 70-80% of the cooking in families. Statistics and broadcasts like this show that the full-bodied speeches of the bourgeois politicians about alleged successes in "equality" are just chatter. The double oppression of the proletarian woman, who is supposed to do the domestic work as well as the wage work, is always anchored in people's minds.

Statistik kochen in Familien

statistics about woman (bright blue) and men (dark blue) cooking